I've just heard that there will be a tree planting event on Saturday 30 November, along Bounds Green Road, where the council and tree wardens will be planting 20 new trees... as well as 50 new trees for the ward in the new year!

They're meeting outside the Greek Orthadox Church on Trinity Road at 10am.

All welcome to come along and lend a hand......

Contact Alex Fraser, Arboricultural Manager (LBH),  020 8489 5657

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Hi Liz - I too like the Poplar trees the French plant alongside the road - gives a lovely character. They did this, apparently, to keep the paths for people (and horses alongside canals) cool and shaded, but I also think they appreciated the beauty it adds:

It'd be a lovely fundraising activity, particularly if people who can be there or return to see the trees grow over the years.  We can help with the logistics.  

I think it's practical for people to 'adopt' trees and am looking at labels so that they can have actual names attached (by putting a code on the tree that links to the internet).

For the location of a tree, a first step I reckon is to establish if a street is scheduled to have trees planted in it or not - these annual plans are partially completed I understand - no need to raise money for a tree if the council intend to plant there anyway.

Then it's about species - there are technical constraints that mean that the Tree officer has to make a difficult decision sometimes - it's one of the things that can go wrong, leading to the removal of the tree.  There are a surprisingly complex set of factors that also pertain, best left to an expert. Haringey have a commitment to biodiversity for instance, so that can mean that, if there are too many of one particular tree around (across London, more than 80% of the street trees are of one type - London Plane) best to plant a different species.  At our tree planting last week, in a small open park by the roadside, the Tree Officer chose to plant these species: 

Maple (Acer x freemanii Autumn Blaze)
Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa)
Maidenhair Tree (Gingko biloba)
Walnut (Juglans regia)
Beech (Fagus silvatica)
Caucasian Wingnut (Pterocarya fraxinifolia) 

You can see the wide diversity in a small place - enriching. Some want trees that provide stuff we can use - 'edible parks' seem to be becoming fashionable. Some want nut trees although I've heard that they attract animals that eat them all...

What a wonderful vision for the future for busy roads!  I am still trying to make contact with the tree warden in Enfield.  I have a reference number for my query and have now emailed him with a link to this site.

Thanks! Keep us posted.

Thank you so much for your contribution here - I really appreciated it and have often returned to look at this picture. Maybe we can sometime explore tree planting near Bounds Green tube.  What are your thoughts on this?

A few pictures from the tree planting event on 30th November Bounds Green Road (Trinity Gradens), Haringey Tree Wardens, Alex Fraser (LBH Agricultural Manager)  and Cllr's John Bevan (Cabinet Member for Environment) Joanna Christophides and Ali  Demirci (Bounds Green Councillors)

We planted the following species of Trees:

2 Maples (Acer x freemanii Autumn Blaze)
2 Sweet chestnuts (Castanea sativa)
1 Maidenhair Tree (Gingko biloba)
1 Walnut (Juglans regia)
1 Beech (Fagus silvatica)
1 Caucasian Wingnut (Pterocarya fraxinifolia)

links below are to HTW website and flicker page.



Ps: See attached list of roads where further trees will be planted. We have also persuaded LBH to plant few more trees around Bounds Green Station.... Will update once we have more information.


Just an update re trees! I haven't had any reply from Enfield council about their tree planting strategy so have emailed again.

Good luck! Might be worth a call to find out why they're not responding if you don't hear anything.

An Enfield councillor has now contacted me re trees in Brownlow Road which is great.  However the point I am making is that in the 29 years I have lived on this road as far as I am aware no trees have been planted but trees have been removed by the council. That is unacceptable on a busy main road when it looks like Enfield may have planted additional trees on side roads - the latter needs checking of course.

That sounds bad Liz - 29 years! Any resident can ask for trees to be planted in their borough and there are a range of charities that will give free money if the Council can't do it.

Can't speak for Enfield, but if they're anything like Haringey, the Aboricultural Department will react and treat the request seriously - will you ask them to plant some more in Brownlow?

From what I can see in Brownlow Road on Google Streetview, there are a fine set of mature street trees all along it but there's always room for more!

Without sticking up for people I don't know, the Tree Officers who work for Councils that I have met myself seem to be committed to planting more than they remove and the reasons they've given me for not doing so have seemed believable.

Hope that helps.

This photo has certainly captured  trees  - but it may be in the Haringey section of BR - it is a long road!   Thanks so much for your input - it will be interesting to hear the response from Enfield.

  As you walk down BR you might reflect on whether this photograph is representative of the trees that 'line' this road?

Absolutely Liz, we need and want more trees. The Council's arboriculturalist is Andy Robinson (email @enfield.gov.uk), I've contacted him re: Brownlow and am waiting for response. I know he feels constrained on streets where there are too many drive-overs or where there has been blight (tree virus - can't use same spot again). But there are other possible locations and they have to be explored and planted. We want more trees!


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