I would just like so say that the building is now almost completed.

Not too sure if I like it.

The estate agents that are involved seem to think there is a "garden", there seems to be one tree that was not cut down.

There is a perimeter wall with iron railings, the rest is block paving.

Any comments???


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Hi Peter

I was under the impression that the original plans included some form of landscaping ie a bit of greenery.  I think it is a terrible shame that the whole outside space has been blocked over.



Hi Sue.

Well the original plans, on the Haringey web site,  do show some greenery

Ever hopeful that they might put a few potted plants?

As for the balconies.  You could wave at the people at the bus stop!


Nice to have balconies but they could have been made to look less cheap and more attractive. This is the building that faces you as you turn left from the tube station, so it sets the tone of the place.


I walked past it the other day and was horrified to see the ground within the estate was covered in bricks. You must have serious bad taste if you think bricks on the ground is a good look.

When I was younger, back in the late 60's/early 70's, the house that stood on this plot, which has subsequently been demolished and replaced by these unattractive flats, was where my best friend at school* lived. So I was often round there. Her parents were both Doctors and worked in the surgery next door (now the dentist). I remember the house inside was very big and spacious.  

School was Whittingham School in Muswell Hill, next to St James' Church, also now turned into flats. Did anyone attend this school?

I did not see any reference to good looking bricks in the comments. I do not like them and would like some green bushes as they cut all but one of the trees down.

I also remember the doctors as I have lived in Brownlow Road since 1959.

I used to live in Truro Road. So I have been in the area for a few years.

Sorry, I was not clear in my writing but I meant 'you' to mean the developers must have bad taste if they think regular bricks look nice as paving. I think it is very poor of the developers to overlook the landscaping. 

OK.  So are we all going to complain the council?

I do not know how to contact the developer direct. His name is on the original documents.

Might be able to trace from there.

And so to bed.

I was in fact thinking about complaining to the council before I came across this thread. I will drop them an e-mail and post an update when I receive a reply.

I am so sad every time I walk past - usually twice a day. The old house and garden needed love and attention but it was part of the history of the area and could have been a beautiful entry point to Bounds Green.

There was no visible notice about the plans and the first I saw was when the house was being torn down. Bricking the whole garden just adds insult to injury. Do people have no idea about how much we need green space to allow rain to run off (with our increasingly erratic weather) as well as for well being.

How could Haringey planners allow this to happen?

Well - there is now greenery!   Lots of plastic ivy being trailed over the railings!   It's hideous!

Yes.  I can see what you mean.

I have some in my garden that looks better than that. perhaps I should offer to plant some?

If you want the original plans. Go to Haringey Planning.

Click Planning applications, then ref,  HGY/2011/2220

That will give you all the info. You will have to scroll down and click what you want.

I will try and take a photo when I go past in the morning.

Desperately sad and sorry to see the  imposing building demolished and replaced by this eyesore.Reminds me of a' Lego block' has lowered the tone ...........


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