I would just like so say that the building is now almost completed.

Not too sure if I like it.

The estate agents that are involved seem to think there is a "garden", there seems to be one tree that was not cut down.

There is a perimeter wall with iron railings, the rest is block paving.

Any comments???


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Well the council should be looking at getting more involved with child care provision. I have children in their teens, one is educated in the private sector and one in the state and all along in both areas childcare is not addressed. I don't agree that the council should only concentrate on providing housing to the neglect of other services. They need to re-dress the balance of housing with associated services.  So for every flat they build they should extrapolate their thinking into e.g OK here are 2 persons who don't have kids but may have kids so we need to add to childcare places. etc. This is very rudimentary thinking on my part in terms of starting point and where it is going, but hey,  this is not my job. What I am saying is that there needs to be thinking along these lines somehow. Not just build flats and flats and flats and flats and flats and flats ad infinitum without consideration to other supportive services.

I agree cities need to develop, but development is not just about building flats per se...and nothing else. The council (whether it is Harringey or Enfield)... is still guilty of bad social planning in this respect.

For 9 flats no, but on a city / national level this matter is not being addressed. e.g child care is a major problem and the poor structure of childcare support is a MAJOR contributory factor in women not going back to work because it doesn't pay them to go back to work compared to what they get in tax credits blah blah. We are delving into the benefit area here, always a hot topic of discussion, and we don't want to start on this matter.

To summarise, for action, there is an equal and opposite reaction...so if you offer affordable childcare, you relieve the benefit system, if you don't, the benefit system has to be more supportive (and is more costly on a monetary and social level). 

The councils are just operating as they have always done and have not addressed the social issues that have arisen over the last few decades. 

I flagged this development to this forum back in February last year and thought it was terrible then. Some thought it was better that the state of the old building. I feared another ugly block wait till it's occupied; then it will be coverd in Satelite dishes...

The place looks cheap and nasty. 

Previous Didcussion

Thanks for the background Richard. I'm afraid I missed the warning on this site that plans were afoot and saw nothing on the highway to alert residents.

Now the building is up the best option for people is to lobby Haringey for the green aspects of the planning permission to be enforced. If there was planting along the side of the railings (which the small green blobs on the drawings suggests there will be) it would looks better to public view. The building could be clad in climbers quite quickly and would also look much better. Likewise if there were shrubs and trees as shown on the drawing.

Permeable paving or shingle is shown in the drawing. The paving doesn't look permeable. If the area is grassed as shown then the landlord will need to ensure its mown and maintained.

I've tweeted one of the local councillors - Joanna Christophides @Leopooch and await a response

I am not sure if this link will work

It is the planning committee documents in PDF form.


If not just do a search on the Haringey site for 2 Maidstone Road. Lots of links on there and an email for the officer in charge??

It seems that the building is not quite that which is in the plans.  it does mention greenery and trees.

See what you think.

Thanks Peter I looked at the documents you helpfully posted earlier before I tweeted the councillor

An update on No.2 Maidstone road.

A lot of the block paving has been REMOVED. There are now plants around some of the perimeter wall.

There is a lot of soil, where the blocks have been removed, might be a future lawn.



Hi Peter - hopefully it will be a vast improvement!  I never did get a reply from Haringey Planning though!


Yes this is a good sign that someone heard the views of local residents. Hoping it will be an improvement


And now, there is grass and two trees.

I also noticed on the Maidstone road side there are lights on the wall.

I would think they would shine into the houses opposite and up as well.

More light pollution?

I have just picked up on this - really good to see that there has been discussion and that some greenery has appeared - still waiting to see what is going to happen with the plastic ivy! 


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