We’ve been open for just under two weeks and it has been an amazing whirlwind! It’s been ace meeting so many lovely locals and Bowes Park visitors… we just didn’t realise how many people would visit! So, we’re taking a day or so to work out a few bits and pieces and then we’ll be back all guns a blazin.

We’ll be open on Tuesday from 9.30am to 3pm but we will be closed after 3pm and all day on Wednesday. But we’ll be open for business as usual on Thursday from 9.30am.

Sorry if you’d planned a tasty pint or an eye opening coffee, but we hope you understand.

See you at The Step soon!

Nell & Mat

ps. Don't forget our Mother's Day workshop this Sunday - only a couple of places left!

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Great that it's going so well - congratulations to all concerned!


Hi Simone

Do pop by sometime! It would be lovely to see you.

We're planning to have a changing selection of bottled beers and would happily welcome any recommendations. I think Redemption only do cask beer unfortunately but would love to be proved wrong.

Meantime are a big brewery, but they are essentially still a micro brewery at heart, and we love that they are remaining true to their brewing belief - it takes time to make good beer (28 days for London Lager rather than the 2 days for many others)! We've had great customer feedback, so they must be right, and they are a truly lovely company to work with.

We were also thinking about having a mini beer festival in the garden... which should be great fun and if you've got some good contacts do let us know!



Congratulations - great news that things are going well. It is lovely to have you in the area and it has encouraged us to cross the railway bridge and venture to Myddelton Road, which we rarely did before. A few thoughts (meant to be helpful - the cafe is really lovely - and you might have thought of them already):

The area could definitely support more children's activity mornings - I think you have singing planned for one morning but currently people are having to take a bus or a long walk to go to singing or story telling sessions. Once you have got people in there (presumably on one of your quieter mornings), I am sure it would translate into business. 

Lovely idea to do the classes - I can't make the mother's day one but cupcake decorating or something similar would be great

Place a sandwich board outside to indicate that you are open - I think you have one on the way but this would help encourage passing trade 

Dinosaur sandwiches are a touch of genius - a big congratulations to whoever came up with that idea!

Good luck with it all,


I didn't know a children's singing time was planned! Excellent, I hope to go to that...

Thanks Nicole! Well you'll be pleased to hear that we are now sporting a rather snazzy a-board outside The Step. I also have my eye on some fairy lights and some pretty flowers... but one thing at a time!

We're just getting going but we have lots of ideas for events on the way. Always great to hear locals ideas - we can't promise we'll do everything but it's good to know what people are up for.

Not sure if you know already but Nadia at 128 Myddleton Road is already holding lots of great children's events, which could be of interest.

Hope that helps!


ps. A dinosaur sarnie is one of my favourite things for lunch... but don't tell the kids otherwise they'll all be wanting one.

I also thought Nell's little piece of parsley or corriander "breathing fire" out of the dinosaurs mouth was a touch of genius. At least I did until just the other morning when a very grown up little gentleman quietly informed me that "dinosaurs don't breathe fire, dragons do."


Well that telt us! But the coriander stays!


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