I live on Trinity Road on the corner of Trinity and Truro and today has two parking tickets on my car which was parked on Truro and which I hadn't noticed as I hadn't driven the car for a few days. I am absolutely livid. I have lived here for 17 years and over the last few years as parking anywhere near my flat has become a nightmare I have to park on nearby roads. I have residents parking permit but I have no idea why I got these fines. The reason given was was that I was out of the wrong zone (there is a longer explanation) but it isn't in plain English and I am completely in the dark as to why I am unable to park a minute from my flat. Cars park terribly in Trinity Road leaving little space for other cars when there might be room but simply there isn't enough parking space. I resent being fine for no clear reason. Has something changed recently that I've missed or didn't get the memo? I am freelance and this is stressing me out. Anyone who might be able to explain what is going on? I've been able to park in that road for years. What has changed?


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Thanks Michelle

But a few questions to anyone who might know.
But have the signs changed recently? I've been able to park in Truro Road before?

What makes them decide the boundary particularly one minute from my flat?

How many flats have been build over the last few years without any consideration by the planning department of residents parking?

I think this is all another way of getting money from residents in an underhand way.


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