You  may have seen the plans to build a 9 storey tower block with 23 new flats on Partridge Way - just off Bounds Green Road. The new block will be just behind the existing one and a real cause for concern on many levels. We all know there's a lack of affordable housing, but cramming us in like sardines is not good for wellbeing, environment or community- in mine and lots of others view!

The consultation is open until Sunday 29th. Link below will take you to the information.

You can email comments to

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I live in Finsbury House. I'm really pleased to see the the new flats set at Council Rent rates for council tenants, rather than the misnomic 'Affordable' or 'Social Rent'. However, I'm have some concerns at the impact on light levels in my own flat, and wonder where the new residents are all going to park. Yay or Nay, the discursive framing of the 'Have Your Say' section is infantile and very limiting, so best wait for the planning app to appear to have a more considered say.

Of course we need affordable housing.  The problem as I see it to this proposal is it will severely impact on not only some of the high rise tenants but also the low level development.  The Cabin nursery will be worst served of all.  I would suggest the noise and dirt whilst it is being built and the impact on light and sun which The Cabin currently enjoys will make the likelihood of anyone wanting to send their child there will result in the loss on amenity which has served local children well for many years and hopefully would continue for many years.  It is the height that is not acceptable.  Two stories would be in keeping with the houses already there and not impact on the outlook and light of the flats currently lived in.  We all know the benefits of light and vista and I am not sure why council property should not accept it should be part of its high quality building programme.

So here's the Planning Application. Comments close on 16/08/21.

9 Storey Block Trinity Road/Partridge Way

This has curbed my initial enthusiasm. These will NOT be council homes at council rents. These will be at New homes rent, which is £51 pw higher than normal council rents for a two bed. 

Thanks for the heads up on the planning Richard. I shall be making my comments and hope people on are advised it has been submitted- I never received anything so maybe that's too big a wish!


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