On Saturday morning there was a woman going through bins in gardens along Marlborough Rd and pushing a trolley piled high with stuff. I was in the garden and she asked me if we had any spare scrap metal, dvds or clothes - she was pretty persistent. This afternoon, a man and a different woman were doing the same, working through bins on either side of the road and putting stuff they found into pushchairs.


While there was no suggestion that any of them were doing anything other than looking to find unwanted items to make a quick buck from, it's as well to be aware of it, if for no other reason than to act as a reminder to shred all documents containing personal details before throwing them away / recycling.

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A few weeks back when my upstairs neighbours moved out, the landlord got his builders round to clear out what they'd left behind. They put loads of black sacks full of stuff out front by the bins for the night meaning to come back and get it next day. Later that afternoon I glanced out the front window to see two guys systematically ripping through the bags to rummage for stuff. They left an awful mess. In theory, I'm all in favour of recycling and reusing but it felt intrusive for these guys to be going through this stuff on our front yard and horrid that they weren't respectful enough to clean up after themselves. 

It's one thing leaving stuff out on your front wall or on the street to be picked up by whoever wants it but going through bins and bags actually on a property without permission doesn't seem right to me. 


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