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Hello there,

Just to say that my mother in South Gloucestershire pays £30 a year to a Tory Council for her green waste collection. How does Haringey Council justify £75 a year? Is this a Labour envy tax on those of us with gardens? And from a useless Council that fails to keep my road adequately clear of rubbish. 

Got caught up in some rigmarole trying to join the Harringay Online discussion, which may be putting people off. Will now try to add my name to the petition.

Let me know if I can help you with the 'rigmarole'. You may be referring to the simple security gates we have in place. Such things are always annoying but they do keep the site almost 100% spam free. 

Ah okay. I can see that you've signed up successfully. 

Thanks for your quick response, Hugh. Best, Vicky.

Yes, I've just signed the petition, but it only has 370 signatures. COME ON EVERYONE!!

Or how about a communal green waste bin for those of us with small green waste requirements and small budgets?

Hopefully it'll grow. At the point I started posting around the other local forums this time yesterday, there were only just over 100 signatures. The secret is to keep telling your friends and neighbours and tell then to tell their friends and neighbours. 


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