For those who were wondering where they had gone:

Thank you for your email.


I have been advised by our Regeneration Project manager that the planters were funded for a two year period, using monies obtained from Section 106 payments. These are payments made to the Council  by planning developers to enable any adverse impacts of a large development to be offset, to enhance the environment or to contribute to local facilities where this is not possible through planning conditions.


Sadly these funds have now expired and regretfully the planters have had to be removed. However we are now trying to seek for additional funding to enable us to replace them.




Mick Green

Service Officer

Such a shame - let's hope they are replaced at some point!

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Thanks  for  the  update!  They certainly enhanced the area and looked absolutely beautiful all year round. and neither were they vandalised. Here is hoping they make a welcome return sooner rather than later.

Yes, I agree they enhanced the area and such a shame they had to be removed due to a lack of funding. Do we have any info regarding the overall cost? Perhaps we can turn this into a community project and do it ourselves. Ideas?? 

Great idea Randall! 


Just to add that as councillors we are looking at what funding we might be able to access for the planters. We agree that they make a huge difference. We will keep you posted.

Thanks- fingers crossed

Thanks Joanna! They really lifted the spirits! Sureka x

Absolutely! Lots of people locally have commented on what a difference they made...

This seems a shame. What have they done with them? If they were S106 funded, one assumes that they're not owned by TfL.

Down on the Harringay Ladder, locals themselves tend the planters at the junctions of the Harringay Passage and the Ladder roads. In some cases they also provide the planters, where appropriate paid for by ward level funding. The Parks Dept provide some plants. Would any of this suggest a viable option in the far north?

Contact the Friends of Harringay Passage for more info.

Hi Hugh

We do have planted beds and planters which are maintained, and in one instance funded, by local people. This might be worth exploring but at the moment, we (us councillors) are hopeful that we may have secured some funding.


Really good to have an update on the planters and to know that people in the community cared about them.  Fingers crossed that they can be returned to us.  Thanks Joanna and Hugh for your suggestions.

Hi any update on the planters now that spring is in the air?


Yes indeed and I've been very slow to post. We've used some of our ward budget money for the planters by the tube station and also for some hanging baskets in Myddleton Road. We are just waiting to hear back from the company that installs them about the timetable. This funding isn't indefinite and we would welcome ideas for funding for next year - not to say that we wouldn't use the ward budget again but we are always keen to make sure as many groups in the ward have access to the funding as possible.

In terms of s106 money, this has been used to upgrade the lighting for the Obelisk (by The Prince pub). Not sure what further s106 money may be available to us.


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