The Save The Step share offer was launched on Monday.
Since June 2022, a team of local people has spent months working with grant funders and advisors towards helping the community to buy and renovate The Step at 101 Myddleton Road.

They have received a £250,000 grant from the UK government towards buying the building, with additional funding from other organisations that support community projects to cover costs like architects and lawyers.

Over 600 local people have told them that they back the project and described what they would like to see in the space by filling out a survey. This showed people are looking for a family friendly space with a food offering, complemented by music and art, and a range of services. These include providing somewhere for hot-desking, as well as hosting classes, book clubs and support groups. 350 local people have pledged to become shareholders.

They have just launched a community share offer to raise the £250,000 required from local shareholders.

The property developer is willing to sell to them if they raise the funds by 19 March. If they are not successful, the developer aims to permanently change the use of the building to a private use, so the community won’t get this chance again.
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no updates....

is "save the step" still going? where has all the money gone???

Hi Anna,

Yes, the project to bring 101 back to life as a Community pub for the area is making good, steady progress.

Builders are currently on site to carry out the refurbishment works - you should be able to see their signboard and that of the architect on the outside of the building.

The tenant recruitment / selection process is also making good progress.

Keep an eye on for updates or email if you have any specific queries.

so..six months behind schedule?

As "save the step" do not post any updates on here. I will..


Dear Investor,

We are at a key moment in our journey to revive 101 Myddleton Road as a social hub in our community. We’re writing to seek your input, as an investor, in approving our proposed new tenant. It is a local business many of you may be familiar with from their participation in local events: Muswell Hillbilly Brewers.

Why Muswell Hillbilly Brewers?

We received nine applications and after careful consideration and a series of interviews, our committee unanimously selected Muswell Hillbilly Brewers as our preferred tenant. Their proposal stood out for aligning most closely with the community’s vision.

Muswell Hillbilly Brewers began in 2016 as a local brewery in Muswell Hill. In 2018, they opened a tap room a few doors from their brewery on Avenue Mews, which has a strong sense of community, serving their own beers and those from other independent breweries. They have made the most of their current small space, running live music, comedy nights, occasional food pop-ups and other events.

Their plans for 101 Myddleton Road include a diverse food and drink offering combining a consistent weekend brunch and after school menu with rotating pop-up food providers in the evenings. They will offer their own beers alongside other local beers, wines, cocktails and coffees.

They plan to offer regular live music, quiz nights, comedy nights and other events each month. They will host members of the community wanting to organise clubs, groups and classes at the venue, and will give child friendly activities priority in the after-school hours. They plan to operate six days per week, opening in the afternoon and evening on weekdays and all day on the weekends.

They already participate in our local community through Myddleton Road Market and the Fins Feste summer party. They have built a strong community at their current location and they are excited to create a hub for and in partnership with our community at 101 Myddleton Road.

Seeking Your Approval

Your approval of the proposed tenant is crucial for us to proceed with the reopening of 101 Myddleton Road, expected to be in Spring 2024. We believe their vision aligns perfectly with what the community has said it is looking for in our survey, and we need your vote to confirm this partnership. Please cast your vote by clicking this link. Voting will be open until Thursday 7 December.

Meet the Hillbillies at Myddleton Road Market

If you would like to meet the Hillbillies, they will be at the Myddleton Road Market on Sunday 3 December, or you can visit their taproom in Muswell Hill. The market is a great opportunity to see their commitment to our community in action. As a nod to The Step, they will be bringing back the Whittington Whizz cocktail at the market!

Your support and input have been invaluable throughout this process. We are confident that with Muswell Hillbilly Brewers, 101 Myddleton Road will once again be a thriving centre for our community, offering a space where everyone can meet, eat, drink and connect.

To get you excited about what’s to come, the Hillbillies have prepared a short video to outline their vision, which you can watch by clicking on the video below. We have also provided answers to more detailed questions you may have at the bottom of this email.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We look forward to your participation in the voting process and hopefully seeing many of you at the market on Sunday!

Best wishes,

Save The Step Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How many applicants did we have?

Nine businesses applied and we picked the four that best matched our criteria for an interview. To respect their confidentiality we cannot name the businesses, but they were almost all based in North London but outside of the immediate local area.

How did we score them?

We invited each of the interviewees to talk through three key areas:

  1. Their vision for the venue (e.g. food, drink, opening hours)

  2. Understanding of community needs (e.g. arts & culture, community use, child friendliness)

  3. Commercial understanding and experience (e.g. financial forecasts, operational challenges, lease conditions)

Who chose the preferred tenant?

We had an three person interview panel, supported by independent advice from Meanwhile Space, who run and selected all the tenants for Blue House Yard in Wood Green. Each panel member scored each interviewee independently and the scores and comments were reported back to the Myddleton Road Community Benefit Society directors, alongside comments from advisors. The final decision was unanimous.

Who is the preferred tenant?

Muswell Hillbilly Brewers (MHB) is our preferred tenant.  MHB clearly understood the need for a place at the heart of the community on Myddleton Road, drawing on the spirit of The Step and developing it into a place for local people to be proud of. We were impressed with their plans, which listened to and built on the results of the community survey.

We were impressed with what they have learnt from their existing brewery and tap room business in Muswell Hill and their plans to develop 101 Myddleton Road into a community pub where people can meet, eat and drink.

In the time which the Hillbillies have operated locally in Muswell Hill they have attracted a loyal following and demonstrated both the enthusiasm and business experience which will be vital to re-open 101 Myddleton Road.

This will genuinely be a community pub, offering not just a place to eat and drink, but a social hub for the area, closely matching the needs of the community, based on our survey results.

How will the food offer work?

●      In the evenings and weekends, the Hillbillies will work with a range of pop-up food providers who are experienced at providing their cuisines. This will offer something new to the area and we expect the first year will include food from across the world including the Caribbean, Latin America and the Mediterranean.

●      The pop-up food providers will rotate periodically and the Hillbillies have a range of businesses interested in taking part.

●      As well as the pop-up food, there will be a consistent after-school offer and brunch at weekends.

Why do we think they’ll make a success of 101?

●      They know our area well as regular attendees at Myddleton Road Market and the Finsbury Gardens summer party

●      They understand operating a successful business catering for a local community

●      They have successfully grown their current location, working with the local community, who supported them through the pandemic

●      They’ve run a series of pop-ups in north London and have been actively looking for a second location locally

●      They’re partnering with experienced food vendors and the variety also means flexibility. These vendors also bring their own social media following

●      They are a team of friends, and have a good support base locally already

●      They have listened and are committed to delivering what YOU asked for

MHB have said they see it as a responsibility to deliver what our investors want. Our committee will be working closely with them and as a member, you are eligible to join us and help with this if you wish. We will be holding an AGM in January but please get in touch by email if you are interested in getting involved.

When might they be able to open?

We are already drafting the legal agreements, and the building work is underway, finishing by the end of this year. After this, the fit out of the empty shell will be needed. Following this, MHB hope to open in Spring 2024.

What happens next?

If members approve the tenant, we will be able to get MHB’s input into the final stage of the building works. We will get the lease finished for signing once the building work is complete. We will then proceed to the fit out with a view to opening in Spring 2024.

If members do not approve the tenant, then we will review the feedback you have provided. This would inevitably delay the opening of the venue until a new course of action is found.


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