Walking past the Springfield Tavern tonight saw that everything has been ripped apart inside. Anyone know what's happening to it.

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I suspect it is being turned into a restaurant or having a large portion convert to dining.  Two reasons for this:


1. An application for a kitchen flue

2. This advert for a new Sous Chef.  It has detail of a change in it's outlook.





There used to be a fringe theatre based at the Springfield... called 2-Way Mirror, run by actor Ricardo Pinto.   Live theatre in Haringey, those were the (not so long ago) days!!

probably another 'outstanding' takeway as that parade hasn't got one....too much to hope that it might be something better

no, it's to be a bar and grill inside the pub.  The advert has a lot of detail of what is being proposed. To be honest, it cannot be worse that what already exists.  A really unwelcoming pub.


Some of these reviewsshow the place was being rundown and this appears to be the last throw of the dice to get it going.  We all know that if it doesn't work, it'll become more uneeded flats or another (yawn) bookies...

Brand new kitchen and that.. sounds promising at this stage.

Since I really want to have a decent pub closer to home where I can go for a quiet reasonable-priced drink with my partner/friends, I decided to have a word with a member of staff a couple of weeks ago to ask if the pub would be improved. She told me that they would close the pub for a month (starting after the Bank Holiday) to refurbish the whole place. She said there would be major changes in addition to changing the carpet, curtains, etc and the place would definitely be nicer. She also said the drinks would not probably be as cheap as they are now but they would still have reasonable prices. I really hope they do a good job.

The Springfield Tavern had a long history as a live music venue and for many years played home to long-running folk club - read about its musical heritage in this blog post.

I'm so excited to see the newly refurbished Springfield pub aka the new Springfield Bar & Grill is due to open next Saturday 28th with special music disco hosted by our very own talented DJ, sax player Jake Telford.

I understand that Jake and band members will also be performing live music at the bar and grill sometimes soon, this is brilliant news and I cannot wait to hear more about these events, I've seen them all play before and they rocked the house.

A bar and grill venue in Bounds Green is just what this place needs. Great location, superb re-fit/decoration, delicious foods and music sessions as opposed to take outs. Seems like it will be a superb new edition to this area.


Any news on when it starts?  Fancied heading down there to show support...and have a cheeky pint of course! :)

I think this is really fantastic news for the area! The past is important for sure, but a few decent pubs is what the area is crying out for.  One that does good, cheap food and doesn't look like a dive is a welcome addition to Bowes and Bounds in my opinion.  Great to see a good news story on here! :-)

Well, The Springfield Tavern has finally re-opened!!!  I couldn't resist popping in this afternoon to check the place and I wasn't disappointed.

It looks really spacious, bright and clean. Prices are decent and the wine list, although not extensive, offers a good choice of red/white/sparkling wines. The garden, which has not been completed, is not as big as the one at The Ranelagh but serves its purpose. The toilets have been done nicely, too.

Since there is not much choice in the area, I usually visit The Ranelagh and the Maid of Muswell (same chain of pubs/identical menus). I really like the atmosphere in both pubs but I personally find the food they sell expensive and a bit too much on 'gastro-pub/fancy' side. In that respect, the menu from The Springfield Tavern looks more appealing than theirs. It includes a variety of traditional pub dishes; most of them reasonably priced. However, they have not started selling food yet. I was told they will do it from next Thursday so nothing else can be said until we have had a chance to try the food.   

All in all, I am delighted with the changes. The place now offers a welcoming and warm atmosphere.  It's early days but if The Springfield keeps the nice atmosphere and delivers what it  promises on the menu, I think I will visit it with friends and family for drinks and decent meals quite often.

Obviously, I don’t expect you to agree with me but in my opinion, the place has had a significant improvement. :-)

Ooh thanks for the review Lils, we will have to pop in for a cheeky pint ourselves soon!


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