Fresh stocks of herbs are now in at your local station platform herb garden!  

Judith and I topped up the soil in the three planters today, added some water-retaining granules and installed new mint, parsley, tarragon and pink hyssop alongside brave survivors of the original planting.  Thanks very much to the kind gents who helped with shifting the heavy stuff.

Now the herbs need TLC from kind Bowes Park commuters.  Please take a bottle of water for the plants as well as one for yourself next time you're travelling, and pick out any weeds or litter.  

Also help the purple sage in one of the planters on the north side with its brave battle with flea beetles - just flick any crawlers off to fill in the empty minutes next time you're waiting for your train.

Now the good bit - all the plants are edible, even the lavender flowers!  Just snip what you need to flavour your food on your way home - enjoy!


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There's a lot more interesting things in the planters than previously.........

For a more interesting salad there's chives, Welsh Onions, pink hyssop, Indian Mint and Cologne Mint. There are several herbs that teas can be made from including lemon verbena and Indian Mint (check out the smell!). There's also plenty of great culinary herbs such as rosemary, sage, parsley, oregano, mint, French Tarragon (good with fish). Why not try crystallized lavender flowers for cakes - they can be coated with egg white and dipped in icing sugar, then frozen. They will keep for up to a month in the freezer.

Go and check out what's new in the planters!

All we need from you is to add some water if you are on your commute (or just feel like it!)....!!!!

Thanks to Mary and Judith - the planters are looking really good. I'm happy to pop along with water now and again, and looking forward to using some herbs.

That's great Trish - our leafy friends will be very grateful, I hope you enjoy cooking and eating the produce.

Happy to contribute water whenever I pass by - and pick some chives!

You're a star Thuranie!  Happy cooking..


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