How about a permanent forum post to discuss technical issues/information regarding the operation of the site itself?

For instance: Richard - how did you get that map on the home page? That is really cool.

It'd be nice to get Google Analytics tags on the site. How can we change the HTML on a Ning site?

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Hi Dave

I agree a technical issues strand is a great idea.

You have identified a couple of key issues straight away - Google analytics should be set up as soon as ...

I think bits of HTML can be embedded in text boxes etc... but the modules themseves are fixed...

And the embedded map was done simply by taking the code from the "link" tab on your Google map scaling and embedding it here....

I am sure some technical challenges might be resolved by callling on other Community sites who have worked with this stuff before ....

A permanet forum post would also mean we - and anybody else - would be able to retreive info about solutions..

I took a look on the GA site - simple as pasting some Javascript into the HTML. I'm guessing that there's some mechanism by which the script can be added to each page. I'm also guessing the the lord creator is the only one who can do it :) Would be great to see who's coming.
I can see from the source of the page that there *is* ga code on there, but refers to the old site name, I wonder if this is something Ning does and can't be changed? (Rhetorical question)
LIkewise keywords. That's the first step along the mysterious path to SEO. Again - I think it's a creator only thing. A few carefully chosen keywords should help us up the Google search ranking. Suggest bowes, park, bounds and green as a start.
Yes you are right there are secret bits of the site only available to the "Creator" ... makes me wish I had set up the neutral "Admin" account first and used that to set it up... I'll have a go at dropping in the code and see if I can share the numbers with you.
Re Analytics code on Ning sites - unless they've shuffled the cards again, once it's added via the dashboard it'll work for all pages EXCEPT any pages you add from the pages feature. In that case you need to add it manually for each new page you create , on HoL e.g.
Google Analytics is now set up and operational - I can allow access to others simply by including an e-mail address. We should have a chat about e-mails / log-ins/ passwords and admin stuff - but probably best not to e-mail?
Re the creator issue. Hindsight's 20-20 as we all know. I suspect that once the setup is complete (and really you've done about 99% of that already anyway) then these issues will go away.

Re GA tagging, I suspect something needs to be done. Open the homepage, do 'View Source' and search the HTML for '_gaq'. You should see a line that looks something like this:

_gaq.push(['_ning_ga._setCustomVar', 2,"subdomain", "" ,3]);

This is the existing GA tagging code. I reckon that while it's like that we'll never get any data in GA for the site. (Probably not that big a deal with the traffic we're probably getting at the moment.)
There is a part of the network creator backend that allows Keywords - I added your suggestions. There is also a built in connection to Google Webmaster - and again an option to add other "owners" allowing access to the configuration and reporting info.... I should add you! Which e-mail address is best to use??

I've got a GA account - usual gmail address.



Sorry to anyone who got a spam message  - we have tried to keep the site as accessible as possible - but a couple of messages got through in the last couple of days.


I have added to the log-in security to prevent unauthorised members posting anything.




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