The Palmers Greenery: A Community Café for Broomfield Park 

A group of Palmers Green residents, in association with Friends of Broomfield Park, are planning to open a small, not-for-profit Community Café in a disused building in Broomfield Park. 'The Palmers Greenery' will serve locally-sourced, fresh, healthy and affordable drinks and snacks, and will be staffed by volunteers from the community.
Please take five minutes to complete a short on-line survey by clicking the link below:
 Community and Park Users Survey
If you have any queries or would like to know more please contact
The Palmers Greenery team at:

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Very good luck!  The Starbucks in Palmers Green is always pretty busy when I have been there, so there is obviously a market.  I note the blurb above mentions 'locally-sourced, fresh, healthy' produce.  My main concern would be that whatever you sell tastes good, as well as being affordable.  A decent sized latte from Starbucks is £2.50 and is not the best coffee in the world, by any means. Beat that for taste and price and you will be successful.


Great to hear about these plans  - for years I've wished there was somewehre other than the ice-cream van in Broomfield park to get a coffee!

On another point - I agree about the availability of free water / drinking fountains. In a discussion on the site last autumn I made a connection with a new project attempting to increase availability of free fresh water across London.

Like many examples of public engineering I think the Victorians got this one right!  We have one local example of a drinking fountain (outside the Fishmongers Arms) where the design provides seperate places for refreshing humans, dogs and even cattle!

Great idea, I'm old enough and local enough to remember the old house with the bees in the glass hive and all that before it burnt down, the park was a very municipal place. It'a a shame the park doesn't make more of itself, and this will help a lot. Somewhere to get an ice-cream on a boiling hot day would be particularly great.

Fantastic.  I have missed the cafe for the last 40ish years!  I wish you every success.

I have only just discovered this site.  A Community cafe is a great idea.  



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