Following our recent discussions about the Prince Pub on the corner of Finsbury Road and Trinity Road a formal application for listing the premises as an Asset of Community Value has been prepared by Richard Matz.  A copy of the application is available to download.

Now, to complete the formal application, we need a minimum of 21 site members based in Haringey or an adjacent borough to sign-up and confirm their support.

We have a simple and secure online system  - please add your name address and postcode information to this simple online form, and show Haringey Council how much support there is locally to preserve this building as a local community asset.

Thank You!

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I wholeheartedly support this application to preserve The Prince as a local community asset.
Online form completed and submitted.
I would also like to add my thanks to Richard Matz for all he has done,you have my support.

Done. Thanks Richard M for all your work on this! 

Done. I am supporting this as I used to live very close to it. Where I live now we have a furniture shop instead of a historic pub so well done trying to save this one.
Done. Thanks for taking the time to make this happen!

I'll fill it in later tonight. Could someone explain what could happen? A bit dense sounding I know, but if the pub ends up in the wrong hands, will it continue to decline? What options are open? How do we stop it just ending up derelict? sorry if i sound dim!

Thanks Adam

Put simply anything listed as an Asset of Community Value has additional protection, under planning law, from development - if the owner wants to sell it, demolish it or substantially change its use, the local authority can prevent development for six months and, the community will be given a fair chance to make a bid to buy it on the open market.

It doesn't prevent a sale or changes of use ... simply gives a community campaign time to suggest alternate arrangements. In some cases this has resulted in pubs becoming a community owned business.

I see! Very helpful and I will definitely fill it in!

Bowes and Bounds Arms?!


I think the ACV application needs a bit of work. Is there any more of it?
It demonstrates quite clearly that it is a lovely building and should be locally listed, but the stories of the recent past suggest it does not work even as a pub, let alone a community centre.
Poorly kept beer is of no consequence.
What you need are are recent events that have taken place there, birthday parties, wedding celebrations, resident association meetings, and stories of community involvement in charabanc trips, darts matches, sunday morning football, etc..
You also need to demonstrate how it will work in the future. The application posted here makes no reference to the future.
Section 88(2) of the Localism Act extends the definition of a community asset to include land which has furthered the social well being or social interests of the local community in the recent past, and which it is realistic to consider will do so again during the next five years.

That's a good idea. There are examples of people on this forum asking for community spaces to use for such things, as well as meet ups. We could provide evidence that there is a community need currently not being filled - we have some really valuable local places that are venues - The Step, The Hub, The Sports Club - but sometimes only a pub will do.

Talkies Cinema would be great at The Prince!

Good points. Its failure as a pub is IMO due to poor management – management that never did consider possible wider community applications, but I will expand the app to include potential future uses to the community including Talkies Community Cinema. Keep the suggestions and (especially) the signatures coming. Thanks

I have emailed and posted our ACV application to Haringey Council this week and I am awaiting their acknowledgement of receipt. It has been amended in line with suggestions made on this thread. My thanks to the 38 people who signed their support, including the three elected councillors from the Bounds Green ward. I will keep you posted on any developments


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