Do you live in the Blake Road area? Are you aware of the traffic management measures that the council are about to implement? You can read about them here:

In a nutshell, the council have proposed two different plans for traffic management in the area. Both plans comprise 20 mph zones, kerb 'build-outs', double yellows and additional pedestrian crossings. The big difference between the two is that the first, referred to as 'Option 1' involves 'Timed Point No Entries', whereby motorists will be prohibited from passing through a point on Blake Road and another in Woodfield Way. Option 2 does not have this.

The cynical amongst us might think that this is another of Haringey's revenue generation schemes. Sure there's an element that use this area as a rat-run (although, personally I think that the problem may be somewhat overstated), apparently around 5 vehicles per minute use Blake Road during the afternoon rush hour.

People in the local area have been invited to vote on which option they prefer. The deadline for the vote is 17 December 2010.

I'd be interested to hear what people think about this, but more importantly I'd like to urge anybody who is entitled to vote to think about what such measures might mean for them and I would urge them, one way or another, to vote.

Oh, and if you see this and know someone in that area who is not a member of Bowes and Bounds yet, send them an invite - just click on 'invite' at the top there and enter their email address.

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This consultation has been reported in the Hornsey Journal today suggesting that Haringey Council is considering sophistcated Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras to control the flow of traffic in residential roads in near Bounds Green Tube west of Durnsford Road and south of Bounds Green Road,heading down to the North Circular - yet is unable to use the system to exempt residents from being fined for using their own roads during the morning and evening peak times.

It strikes me that the difficult part is getting the high-tech number plate camera system in place - I genuinely can't understand why there appears to be such a problem with exemption of vehicles that are registered to addresses within a specified number of streets in the locality. This data is aready held on the DVLA and Police National Computer systems I would think it should be a comparitively simple job filter number plates from a database of residents' cars that are "allowed" to enter the controlled zone during restricted hours - but Haringey say this is not an option.

Like Dave says in his original message I would urge anyone who lives, works or travels in the area to participate in the consultation - to give them their due Haringey Council have said it is not intended to be a revenue generation scheme and have promised to implement the most popular option voted for by residents.
Of course, I wouldn't suggest that individuals in government, including the spokesman who refutes revenue generation as a motive, are liars. I'm afraid, however, that recent history has shown that our governments are institutionally dishonest.


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