I am horrified to learn that a beautiful mature plane tree outside the new build at 2 Maidstone Road is to be cut down.Andrew Hayashi the Arborcultural and Allotments Officer for Haringey says that the tree is 'a problem' and will be destroyed on 15 November. I have written and e-mailed him to defer this dreadful decision . The decision i think has been made in order to provide ease of parking at the new flats and has nothing to do with the age or condition of the tree. How much more destruction can occur to our neighbourhood We fought the battle of the pavements in Maidstone Road thanks to Carole Emblings  mobilisation .Our local environment is being destroyed against our wishes and being replaced by concrete and tarmac. The character of our area has changed considerably since the 1970's when i moved here.Some changes are necessary i realise,but the natural habitat ,of our local birds and insects, once destroyed will never be replaced despite assurances to the contrary. Trees are the lungs of London but also enhance the environment, so many of the sycamores,silver birch and other trees in Maidstone Road have been destroyed in the past years and with them the owls and cuckoos you could hear during the evenings.Is anyone else aware of this very sad situation , i would welcome advice . Pat

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For advice I would advise contacting The Tree Trust for Haringey. http://www.ttfh.org.uk info@ttfh.org.uk

Good luck


Yes, walked by the tree, thousands of times! Perhaps you can supply the email /postal address of Andrew Hayashi, so other people can make theirs feelings known.

It is truly heartbreaking to see what little of nature remains in Maidstone Road/Bounds Green being destroyed. I will contact the Tree Trust for Haringey / Andrew Hayashi.and encourage others to do the same. 

Not sure if it's the one your talking about, but one has already been lopped.

I live in Maidstone Road and noticed it Tonight.


Hi Pat,

I have been away for work and have only just managed to catch up on everything.  I have had a look at the tree and the way it has been cut means that it is now as good as dead.  I think the best thing that could be done would be to get assurances from Haringey that they will remove all the roots under the pavement (I suspect that this has already been done on the building site) and then as the pavement work is done, a new semi mature tree is planted in its place in order to maintain the urban environment of our road.

Have a look at this link if you have not already:


I found it very useful when starting work on the pavements.

Let me know how it goes.

Carole E.


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