Has anyone noticed someone going round removing posters around Bowes Park Station recently? We put up several advertising the Myddleton Road Community Garden Summer Garden Party around the station area and on the railings at the road junction and they have been taken down.

This is such a mean-spirited action, as this is a wonderful community event which many young families want to come along and support and a lot of people find out about it from the posters we put up.


(Co-chair, Myddleton Road Community Garden committee)

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Has Kari not noticed the earlier campaigns on this website against illegal flyposting advertising events such as the Salsa posters?

I think we can and should draw a distinction between using posters for imminent community activities organised and run by volunteers and the other type of posters that some people seem so bothered by. 

The posters for the Myddleton Road Photography Competition tomorrow have also been taken down. This is a free, creative activity for children and adults with prizes donated by some local shops. 

The Summer Garden Party has free music and entertainment and food for sale that is made - for free - by the local community to raise money to not only put on more free events but to maintain the much-loved and much-used Community Garden.

Also, given the chance, posters for these and similar events are always taken down afterwards.

Do the people taking these posters down think these events shouldn't happen? Or just that shouldn't promote them? How else will they happen if people don't know about them? Not everyone sees social media etc. I have put up posters on my road before and then always taken them down after... Real shame to have some people's efforts to work for the community thwarted.

Well, we had a great turnout despite the fact that posters were removed. People have told us that they do find out about community events via these posters, so by removing them you are essentially depriving locals of information that would enable them to get together and celebrate our wonderful, vibrant community.

We work extremely hard to put on these community events in the garden and they are in no way profit-making: all proceeds go to the upkeep of this incredible facility that gets so much use from local families who don't have gardens of their own.

I agree with Emma that commercial businesses should not clutter our streets with adverts, but community groups have posted local information on streets for ever. Why is it suddenly a problem?

I agree with you Kari. My exhibition poster about Myddleton Road has been removed as well, also from the notice boards. I think we need to have two proper notice boards (not glassed one, open to all), next to Bowes Park station and next to the tube. Frankly, I don't think there should be a problem with 'commercial' stuff, as they are not many of us here who advertise for local market, and they we're promoting activities for the well being of the community, even if you have to pay for them. This is how I knew about yoga for example. Its about what is happening in the community and it doesn't matters if its free or not.


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