Updated reasons you should join Bowes and Bounds - You are not the fuel

We have made a few updates to the site at the weekend, including to the Reasons you should join Bowes and Bounds.

The main change is to highlight that we are an independent site where we do not want you to be the product or the fuel for the site: 

We do not aim to monopolise your attention and we do not want you to be the fuel for Bowes and Bounds. This is an independent site where we promote discussions and events in our email digest based on interest and variety rather than revenue and the emotional impact that they trigger in you. We try to build on strengths and create positive change rather than foster division.

Let us know your thoughts on this update.

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I am not sure there is very much activity on this site anymore

Myddleton Road seems to also have been forgotten and neglected over the last 2 years.

Is "we love myddelton road" still going?

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your feedback. We welcome more activity on the site, and appreciate your regular posts. If you know of anyone else who might want to contribute to the site please encourage them to do so.

We Love Myddleton Road is certainly still active - a lot of people care about the street as well as you. You can join their email list to receive their email updates here: Myddleton Road or see their twitter feed. I am sure that they would welcome constructive ideas and actions to help support and improve the street, as they are all volunteers as well.

Fantastic!. I'm really grateful that you're independent and not keeping or selling personal data to every Tom Dick and Harry or using platforms like FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter that do the same. Big thanks as well for the email digest - it's great to keep connected. I know this is run by volunteers and you're doing a great job - but if you wanted to improve things more of the same kind of content, perhaps over a wider area, or a regular local blog would be great! And forum interaction ( a regular moderator?) Thanks for this!

Hi Serena,

Thanks for the support! Your ideas sound fab. If you or anyone you know would like to help out with some of them just let me know!

Hi Daniel - great - I've got limited spare time but v happy to meet to see if I can help!

Ace. Let's meet up over a coffee soon. I'll send you a separate message. 


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