We have a bin bag of fresh vegetable cuttings and a bag of coffee granules available each week to collect from The Step. We used to have a lovely lady collect from us for her allotment compost pile but she's moved away now.

Let me know if you're interested and would like to take over from her!

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I might be interested, I have the allotment next door to Lucy! How big is the the weekly bag, do I need a car? Thanks

Hi Helen

It's one bin bag of vegetables and another of coffee grains. The coffee grains are pretty heavy... Lucy used come with a shopping trolley (that she promised she didn't steal, ha ha!) and that worked well... or a wheel barrow? Probably too heavy to walk round to the allotment I would think or you could do it in two trips maybe?

Let me know what you think. Cheers!

Hi Neil, yes I've seen her wheeling that trolley around! yes I'd like to take what you have for compost. Is there a day that is best to collect? Thanks
Sorry, nell, autocorrect

Hi Helen

If you could collect on Tuesdays anytime from 3pm onwards. You just need to ring the 'deliveries' doorbell and one of the chefs will bring everything out or if it's after 6pm just as someone at the bar. We can start from this Tuesday, it will be a little smaller than normal as we haven't been saving the coffee all weekend but there will be some from tomorrow.

If for any reason you can't collect on certain week, just pop me a text or an email... 07815 903 519 / info@thestep.co.uk


Hi nell,

I don't get back from work until 7 so it will always be in the evenings, hope that's ok.

See you on Tuesday!

Sure! Anytime after 3pm and before 11pm is fine with us!


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