Evening all & Happy New Year. 

We're moving down to Bounds Green from Edinburgh on Sunday and I've spotted lots of vets on Google but would rather take a 'word of mouth' approach as we're very fond of our dog so would very much like to ensure we pick the best vet based on experience.

If any dog owners could let me know their preferences that would be great.

Many thanks in advance,
Matt & Louise.

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Hello Matt and Lousie nice to know you'll be joining us down here. I take my dog to Mr Staton, he's only round the corner from Myddelton Road. He is highly experienced and does not charge extortionate fees. 2 friends also use this surgery so lots of word of mouth recommendations :))

J.F Staton
399 High Rd, London, London, N22 8JB
Tel: 020 8888 4523

Thanks, Suellen. Appreciate the help I will be sure to give Mr Staton a call early next week.

All the best,


A couple of suggestions via Twitter:

Thanks, Richard!

Metro Vets at 512 Lordship Lane, really nice man also, loves pets and puts himself out to help anyone or any any animal.  Also has a great pet play area!

Alexandra Park Vets is very good, it's next to the Maid of Muswell pub.  They have looked after our dogs, cats and hamster over the years and I can't recommend them highly enough.  Our dog loves going there - despite usually receiving injections etc, he starts pulling at his lead when he realises where he is going and can't wait to get inside.  Several times they haven't charged us at all for minor things.

Welcome Matt and Louise. I will second Sue's endorsement to Mr Staton, years of experience, highly skilled and not over priced.

Thanks all -- I gave Mr Staton a call however, as polite as he was on the phone and the reviews rave all over the web about this guy; we're slightly reserved as we had a pet plan type thing with our old vets where we'd pay £12 a month and this would mean we got all worming, flea, boosters & a couple checkups a year all included in the fee. So weighing up the caveat of have a few bob in the bank for these things with Staton or a larger vet who offers that type of setup.

Thanks again all -- has really helped! :)

I'd stay away from him if I were you, we had a bad experience with him with one of our cats who ended up dying due to a misdiagnosis by him. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Alexandra Park Vets as mentioned above. They are all lovely in there and really are professional and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this place to anyone, regardless of what pet they have. Meena who owns the vets is very knowledgeable and simply a very nice person indeed.


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