We have had previous contributions on the forum about the project to declare London a National Park City. This is a grassroots movement which has captured the imagination of the capital. Over 85% of polled Londoners and Mayor Sadiq Khan support the aims to connect more of us with nature, make the majority of London green and to celebrate living within a special habitat.

London is Europe’s greenest major city, over 47% of the capital is green space and a further 2% is blue. We’re home to 8.3 million trees, 3000 parks, 1000km of signed footpaths and over 13000 species, making Greater London the region with the highest number of different species in the UK.

Being a National Park City would help enhance and preserve London’s cultural and natural heritage, promoting the benefits of time spent in nature to our emotional, physical, economic and social health.  

The campaign has progressed well - with all of Haringey Wards declaring support. Could Bowes, Southgate Green and Palmers Green show some leadership in declaring support for this initiative in Enfield? As a community-led initiative, a Greater London National Park City would be privately and commercially funded. No public sector funding is needed - and so it will not cost the council anything. No planning powers are being asked for either. What is needed is simply community and political support.

Have a look at the video below - if you want to show support for the initiative - click on the like button or leave a comment. You can email your councillors to request their support. For

  • For Southgate Green Residents the London National Park City initiative will be discussed at the Ward Forum on Tuesday, March 14th; please attend to show your support - or e-mail your councillors in advance of the meeting.


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Join me at Southgate Green Ward Forum at Garfield School this Tuesday 14 March at 7.15 to hear more about this exciting initiative and most importantly, vote for Southgate Green Ward to support it!  If 2/3 of London Wards support this initiative then it will be adopted and London will become the world's first National Park City! Come and hear more about this exciting idea and let's vote to make it happen!

This sounds like an inspiring inniative...I hope that Bowes Ward cllrs will be supporting this with SGWF The recent developments along NCR in our ward are a travesty....'some of the more desirable property addresses in cities have some of the highest percentage of tree canopy cover'. There is not one tree to be seen near NHHT flats which have just been built in an area of high pollution.

Liz, you are so right. Please, those of you who live in Bowes Ward, write to your Councillors to urge them to support this initiative as a Ward. They have all agreed to support it in principle, but we need to get them over the line to sign up as a Ward so that the campaign achieves its aim of getting 2/3 London Wards to support.

I see better management of, and public access to, Pymmes Brook as being a major way to improve life quality for everyone in the area, including those who will be living right next to/on top of the A406 in the new flats. This would support physical and mental health and community cohesion, saving the Council money in the long run. It would be great to see better use made of the New River, and more planting along all these green/wild spaces.

I have been asked to return to Southgate Green Ward Forum in June to present again, after which there will be a vote about whether this Ward supports the initiative. Residents, do come along and vote to support it! I see lots of opportunity to 'green' the area around Garfield School/New Southgate, with all the building around there and the arrival of Crossrail.  Let's be proactive about how our area develops and not leave it purely to the Council and developers! 

Take time to walk along the NCR and admire the trees...we are still trying to address the issue of the litter with TfL...but progress is progress.

Many thanks and congratulations to Bowes Ward Councillors Yasemin Brett, Achilleas Georgiou and Alan Sitkin who this week declare the ward's support for the London National Park City Initiative.

Bowes is only the second Enfield Borough Ward to declare support for this initiative if you live in Southgate Green Ward, Palmers Green or any other Enfield ward, please encourage your councillors to follow the leadership shown by Bowes in declaring London a National Park City.


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