What precisely does The London Borough of Enfield have against trees?

As I was walking down York Road yesterday, I noticed that Enfield are once again about to mutilate more trees in the Bounds Green Area. It appears that despite vast financial cutbacks being made elsewhere, there seems to be an unlimited budget and no spending reduction in performing unnecessary hacking of the areas trees.  It borders on the obsessive...!

To me, it’s more akin to vandalism, and goes out of kilter to the policies of other London Boroughs and remove the character of the area. This has really ramped up over the last three years to a point that on an annual basis, the same trees are being savagely cut back, leaving only stumpy fingers at their tops.

I’d be interested to see what is being spent (FOI request perhaps) and the justification of this frequent cull. I cannot believe that fear of H&S based litigation is at the heart of removing any possibility of having a leafy suburb.

Sorry to sound a bit Daily Mail, but it really frustrates me when people in authority are acting against the visible environment. Why don’t they just be done with it, and cut them all down…?

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I think the trees in question are Lime trees and they generally do this every three years.  As long as the council is not cutting the trees down to make way for car park standing.  This was happening in Maidstone Road until we set up a campaign against this happening where there is a tree outside the house. I suggest you get in touch with Environmental Services to check why they are pruning the trees every year. 


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