I had my wonderful son ernest five weeks early and am a bit unprepared! Really keen to meet other local mums with babies because my husband has just gone back to work and I want to get out and about. Thanks all, Cathryn x

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Hi Cathryn. Have seen your application to join 128 mums forum on facebook, and have added you to the group.  There are lots of friendly local mums for you to meet up with or ask advice.  Look forward to meeting you.  Shona

thanks so much!

Congratulations Cathryn - I hope the early weeks are going well for you. I had my little boy four years ago at this time of year and fondly remember nights spent feeding him while watching obscure Olympic sports in the early hours from Beijing (not sure that is quite how I felt at the time however). This is a lovely area to be a new mum - lots of other friendly mums around and more and more activities starting up all the time: the Methodist Church on Pages Lane in Muswell Hill is really good to know about because they do a weigh-in one afternoon (not too busy, unlike the Bowes Road one) and also baby massage classes. Flutterby Butterflies at The Hub on Myddleton Road is apparently very good too - my kids go on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning (when I am working) and seem to really like it - I think it is singing and storytelling. There is also a nice free singing class on a Monday morning at Alexandra Park library. Both Bowes Primary and Bounds Green schools have stay and plays that are very good - well worth checking out. The local mums NCT coffee circle is great too - I see that Vicky has already been in touch and that is how I met lots of local mums when I first moved here. Nicole xx

Hi Nicole
Thanks so much! I have been obsessed with the Olympics! Ernie's timing was definitely good in terms of tv viewing. Once he's a bit bigger I'll definitely sign up to a few of the local activities. I'm on the waiting list for Bowes park nursery too as it's about ten seconds from our house. Hope to meet you soon.
Cathryn xx

Hi Cathryn, I'm another local mum. We are also new to the area, we arrived on Russell Road at Easter this year. My little one Emily is now 8 months old. I'm also signed up to 128 mums on Facebook which is a useful and friendly resource and go along to Fairy Flutterby at the Hub and Songs for little People at the Step sometimes. I'm on maternity leave until October. Hope to meet you soon.

Thanks also to others who have added to this discussion - quite a few tips I didn't know about. 


Hi Lizzie! We should get together soon with the babies.. Are you around Monday or Tuesday next week? Lucy (no 26).

Hi Emma

The local schools in the area are: Bowes Primary, Bounds Green Primary, Tottenhall Infants and St Martins of Porres Catholic. Catchments for the state schools seem to be shrinking considerably due I think to more families moving into the area and also development work on the North Circular - they change every year depending on numbers of children in the local streets - in 2012 both Bowes and Bounds have added an extra class which will slightly distort the size of the catchment so do be aware of that as these schools probably won't have space to an extra class in the next few years. You can find details of their Ofsteds (and, I think, the distance the furthest child lived from the school - as the crow flies -  in the last intake) on their website. If you want to be guaranteed a place at a particular school you need to live well within that area. We live on Westbury Road so I know and like the local roads (Westbury/Goring/Elvendon/Beech/Queens etc) here - all very quiet and pleasant - the railway line is close by but is a quiet local line; the other side of Brownlow Road has Warwick/Maidstone/Shrewsbury/Stanley/Highworth etc which again are all pleasant. I am less familiar with the roads on the other side of the railway line (Marlborough etc) but with the opening of the Step cafe on Myddelton Road and The Hub children's centre and the promise of a market, am getting to know this bit of Bowes Park better. There is also a little enclave of housing Blake Road/Gordon Road which goes right up to the back of Durnsford Park which seems very quiet and pleasant. We have lived here for two years but my overall impression is that it is a very friendly, quiet area with lots of young families - there aren't lots of places to go out but the ones that are here are good - the Ranelagh pub and Step cafe for example and we are obviously very close to places like Muswell Hill and Crouch End. The transport is great too. Hope this is helpful, Nicole xx

Hi Emma

Our page on Local Schools list all those mentioned by Nicole, plus Nightingale School, and may provide a bit of background. You can see the page here which has a link to each school's latest Ofsted report, and a parents / friends group where we have info.

Local Schools no longer have "catchment areas" as such - places are allocated strictly on the basis of distance from the school to home - irrespective of location in LB Enfield, or LB Haringey borough (after other issues such as sibling attendance and special-needs are taken into account).

I would echo again what Nicole has said about the increasing pressure on school places in the area as new developments and infill housing have added to the number of local families with children.

Hi Cathryn and others! My partner and I are just moving into the area with our eight month old son Sam. I stay home with him three days a week. We already spend a lot of time at The Step, although we haven't been to the singing session there yet. I'm looking forward to checking out everything else in the area and I'd love to meet other mums (and dads).

Cathryn - I think we're neighbors, our new flat (we're moving this week) is on Whittington right by Mum's Bar.

I also friend requested the 128 group, I hope that's ok.

hi Allison
Yes we're at number 57! Are you next door?
I'm at home most of the time as Ernie is still tiny. Would be lovely to meet you so do knock the door once you're settled. Can't wait to meet Sam.


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