I've watched with some despair as every road in Bounds Green, both the Haringey and Enfield parts, gets overtaken by large numbers of wheelie bins for rubbish and recycling.

In my humble opinion these result in the visual degradation of the local environment. They are so outsized and ugly that, unless people have space, time and energy to wheel them away out of sight, every road is just starting to look like a rubbish tip. Its such a shame to see front gardens that have been cared for in the past turned into waste storage areas.  Sadly they are now coming to my own street and I'm dreading the results.

I'm a big fan of recycling and caring for the environment. Making the area visually ugly seems to run counter to encouraging people to care about their environment, nature and the planet. The size and design appears to have been chosen simply to allow the local authorities to cut down on the frequency of their collections and without any reference to the amenity of the area. Does nobody on the local authorities care?

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Yes....we've had them sometime now, and like you i was dreading the arrival of them.

But like everything thing else, you get used to them,  and they just blend in with the rest of the decaying suburb 

they are a much better, tidier, hygenic and cleaner alternative to bin bags that are usually strewn all over the pavements on any day of the week, usually ripped open by foxes with the decaying contents spilt all over the pavement... not good when you have toddlers who want to touch everything or pets.

Bin bags also make the place look a lot more untidy than WB's as they give the appearance of an open tip, especially when ripped open and flowing all over the pavements.

What is the alternative?

Well I think I only once saw a bag ripped open in my street - the rest of the week there was usually no rubbish at all - nor in the streets I walk down in the area - now most streets look like a waste collection zone - horrible.

I totally agree. In our road, Belsize Avenue, they delivered a set of 3 bins not for every house but for every flat in each house, so most houses, which are conversions, had 6 bins lined up in the tiny front gardens. The street looked as if it had been taken over by a mini army wearing black, blue and green berets! The most ironic thing was that green garden wheelie bins were delivered to people in first floor flats!!! When I queried the number of bins with the council (Enfield), they said people could opt to share if they wanted - but they had to do it proactively. How many would? 

However, two weeks later the council were back again taking back half of the bins in the road, so obviously lots of people did ask to share. But what a waste of effort and taxpayers' money!

But these are nothing compared to the huge numbers of massive bins outside the large houses along the top end of Wood Green High Road (Haringey). There has to be a bit of lateral thinking somewhere along the line to cut down on this dreadful streetscape.

Re cutting back on collections, fortunately Enfield collects all 3 bins every week. When I used to live in Reading, all bins were emptied every 2 weeks. In hot weather it was disgusting - we had to move the bins well away from the house to avoid the smell. So we are very grateful for our weekly collections. 

Yes - I've seen some places with 9 bins - leaving hardly enough room for people to walk along the path to their door.

I agree Jenny. The ordinary bins weren't as big and bin bags didn't usually appear until the day before the collection of the rubbish. But the size and look of the wheelies make them stand out a mile.

And it doesn't help when some people leave them permanently on the pavement instead of clearing a space in their gardens for them! (I'm hoping the culprits who are doing this are reading this post ...)

I understand there should be three bins but they're very large, and as you say may be so that the council can switch to fortnightly collections. Councils please don't!

I totally agree. London is too densly packed for fortnightly collections. On our street there is nowhere to store bins except on the pavement. This is cllr nilguns great idea apparently. Shame on you haringey. where is your sense of pride!

You can get smaller bins from the council if the large ones are not needed. It is a shame people are not sharing more as I have seen some that are obviously not used.

I have to agree that both the size and quantity of wheelie bins have led to a less attractive streetscape - in both the Haringey and Enfield parts of the area

Objects of beauty, aren't they? :o)

I hope the councils will reconsider. At least I have a side alley where they can be out of sight but they are an easy stepping stone over the side gate for any burglar


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