You are invited to a meeting about the Community website for Bowes Park and Bounds Green

You are invited to a meeting about the new Bowes Park and Bounds Green Community Website on September 13th 128 Myddleton Road - 7:30pm until 9:00pm

Following the very productive first meeting about the development of a community network site for Bowes Park & Bounds Green good progress has been made - A URL (web address) has been registered and the prototype sites - including this one - have been tested.

At the meeting on the 13th there a few things to talk about:

1 The way the project is organised - setting up a structure and status which enables us to, for example, open a bank account, pay bills and collect donations. This means adopting a simple "constitution".

2 Content and scope of site it would be great to have a discussion about what sort of content people would like to see on the site and what material people can contribute. Photography, poetry, music, local history etc... Discussion could include for example establishing groups within the site for specific local activities each "curated" by different individuals.

2 Identity - establishing a logo, visual identity and brand that represents the network. One of our neighbours Mandy Norman who is an artist and graphic designer has volunteered to work on this.

3 Governance and Sustainability following from 1 above we need to ensure that a group of people will continue to direct and support the project over time, assist with income generation etc.

4 Marketing and Promotion Once the site is operational we need to make sure people know it exists and find ways to explain and promote it - Launch Party anyone?

Overall I don't think this needs to be over formalised - but do feel it's important that the project is established with a group of people keen to be involved who agree a shared understanding.

I hope you can come on the 13th - do let me know if there are any other things to add to this outline agenda - or if there are any questions by leaving a comment here.


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As a bit of further background to this project have a look at this blog post by Kevin Harris from Networked Neighbourhoods the organisation who convened the first meeting about the Community Website.

Attached here is a draft of a proposed "constitution" for a Sustainability Group - simply a number of local people who committ to providing a bit of guidance and support to ensure that the site is able to cover its costs. Lets have a look at this at our meeting on Monday
I'm afraid I couldn't get to this meeting, but am curious as to how it went.
Hi Dave
The meeting went well - a very good turnout. There was a positive response to the prototype site - we spoke about types of content, and how to encourage (and moderate) contributions. Mandy Norman has done some really thoughtful early stage designs for a logo and visual identity - which she will be working up over the next couple of weeks. We are now working towards a formal launch at the end of October and we spoke about what sort of launch event we might have. Next stage is to transfer the test site over to the URL addings "events" and "groups"modules and to start sharing the link more widely.

Additionally I hope to set up a group to help support the site grow and become self sustaining... are you interested? Hapy to have a chat about getting connected


Dave Corcoran said:
I'm afraid I couldn't get to this meeting, but am curious as to how it went.


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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