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What clamping are you trying to stop?

Sango Security are responsible for clamping vehicles at two sites near the Bounds Green tube station. Unsuspecting motorists are ensnared and then have no option but to pay the excessive release fees.

We feel clamping should be used by landlords as a deterrent to discourage vehicles from blocking entrances and taking-up parking spaces. Sango Security are instead exploiting their right to clamp and using it as a money making exercise. They apply the following unfair and amoral tactics:

a) Warning signs are not prominently displayed

b) The private side road looks to the innocent observer like a public road yet they make no effort to warn motorists by painting parking bays or installing entrance barriers

c) As soon as a car is left un-attended by the driver it is clamped. This can take place even if a passenger has been left in attendance.

d) There is no grace period. Most local authority clampers follow a guideline of 30 minutes grace period before clamping a vehicle.

d) Clamp release fees are £200+. This is in excess of the case law guideline figure of £135.

e) Clamping takes place late at night (22:00+) when there is no practical justification for keeping the roadway clear.

f) The Legitimate parkers, shop tenants and their customers,  are not compelled to display parking permits. These legitimate parkers act as decoys for unsuspecting victims.

Yikes, I just got clamped, what should I do?

Take a look at What should you do if you've been clamped section.

Is clamping on private land legal?

Yes, but that may end this year. There's a law making its way through parliament that's going to change the way security firms enforce parking restrictions on private land. Plans for the law were announced by our own MP Lynne Featherstone on 17/8/2010. Sections 54, 55 and 56 of the Protection of Freedom Bill will make it unlawful to clamp vehicles on private land. Hooray!

But wait, the same law will also empower landowners to access DVLA records to identify the keeper of a vehicles in order to recover unpaid parking charges. So, even if the law gets passed, Sango Security are still going to be trying to fleece shoppers around Bounds Green.

May 2012 - The law has been passed. It will come into effect in October 2012.

Are you a bunch of middle-aged, beer-gutted, aggrieved anti-clamper vigilantes?

No. Most of us have never been clamped. We live nearby and often have to endure the sight of a clamping victim in an altercation with the clampers. It's our area and we feel a sense of responsibility for what goes on here.  

As a nation, Great Britain is never shy to shine a light on an injustice in distant lands. It's therefore an urgent duty for us to right this wrong that's taking place in our own back yard.

This is fascinating stuff, tell me where I can learn more about it?

Consumer Action Group - Guide to Clamping

The RAC's argument opposing clamping

Advice from Money Saving Expert on private parking tickets 

Detailed legal info.

Justice for Everyone!

"Protect yourself from cowboy clampers"

So what's the history of clamping near Bounds Green station?

It's been going on since November 2007. Here is some newspaper and web forum background on what's happened over the years:

Clampers accuse tearful motorist of assault in Bounds Green stand-off

Clockwork Pharmacy–It's "affecting their business"

Car towed away from Bounds Green by 'Vultures'

Councillor Matt Cooke condemns the clamping

Demos Kambouris, 70, was clamped while collecting a prescription

And here's some fresh coverage received in 2012:

£175 Release fee on Friday 13th

Action to stop the clamping

How about some more Cowboy Clamper stories?

Extortion in Enfield (Daily Mail, April 2012)

Nasty clampers (Enfield Independent, March 2012)

What's the full text of Sango Security's warning notice?

Sango Security Limited, Warning 24 Hour Clamping Zone. This is private property no unauthorised vehicles allowed. Valid permit holders only. All unauthorised vehicles will be clamped and may be towed away. Your vehicle will be removed if causing an obstruction whether permit holder or not. All untaxed vehicles will be clamped and removed. All permits must be clearly displayed. Vehicles will only be released after payment has been made. Any anti-social behaviour or refusal to pay the fees will result in your vehicle being removed. The release fee of £215 is payable as follows Clamp Release Fee £125+ Penalty Notice £45 + Call Out Charge £45 = Total Fee to Release car £215. Tow Away £165, tow truck call out £45, Storage @ £25 per day. If your vehicle is towed away all of the above fees will be chared. Towed vehicles can only be collected between the hours of 9Am and 5PM. Sango Security Limited and the lease holder accept no liability for any loss or damage caused to your vehicle which may occur during clamping or removal process. Disabled badge holders are not exempt from these conditions. Telephone 07939 385 297. PO Box 50994 London E4 OAP. Calls cost 10p from a BT land line. Call charges from other telephone providers may vary.

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