What should you do if you've been clamped?

This information is provided in good faith. Please also seek advice from a lawyer or police officer.

1. Have you got grounds for not paying?

- Emergency vehicles and disabled badge holders are exempt from clamping.

- If you've parked in front of Latham Court (Flavas, Wilkinson Byrne etc) and have been a customer of one of the shops there then get the shopkeeper to vouch for you and you will get released

- You're a shop owner with permission from the landlord to park there

- You're a mate of the clamper

2. Try to remain calm

The clamper has a legal right to clamp anyone who stops on the private land he's managing. It does not matter if there was a passenger in the car or that car was only unattended for a minute.

Feel free to discuss the matter with the clamper but do not consider anything unlawful. The clamp belongs to him and you're liable for criminal damage if you try and bust it off.

If you feel threatened or are unsure of what to do phone the police. Call 101 if it's not an emergency. The police can help advise you on your rights.

3. Get evidence 

If you are being unfairly treated e.g. menacing or threatening behaviour then make a recording with you mobile phone. 

Also take photos of the signage and where your vehicle is parked. You may be able to use this to prove that the signage was inadequate.

4. How much is reasonable to pay?

The courts have decided that a clamp release fee should not exceed £135. 

Try to avoid paying any fees in excess of this.

5. Do you have to pay?

You're not going to get your vehicle released unless you pay. If you delay the clamper has the right to call a tow vehicle which you will have to pay for too. Make sure the person you're dealing with has got Security Industry Authority (SIA) Identification Badge. You don't want to be paying money to the wrong person. Once you've paid make sure you receive a written receipt. You'll need this if you want to get money back.

6. What next?

First, make a posting on BowesAndBounds. Let us know what's happened so that we can see how to help. 

Secondly, if you've been unfairly clamped or overcharged then make a claim in the small claims court. You must list both the Landlord and the security company as co-defendants. 

There's a very knowledgeable forum called PePiPoo where you can post all the details about your planned legal action. Very experienced lay-people and even some professionals are on-hand to give you advice.

6. Defendants

Here is the information we have at present about the the parties that you may wish to claim against. It imperative that you personally confirm this information before completing your claim.


Mr Colin Patrick Simpson

Company Director

Sango Security (Company No: 06402706)




07937 385 297


b. OWNER OF LATHAM COURT (Tube station side of Brownlow Road)

John Krajewski 




Tel  020 83605020



c) FREEHOLDER OF QUEENS PARADE COURTYARD (Side of Brownlow Road opposite tube station)



Tel: 02088898877

3a Queens Parade,Brownlow Road, London, N11 2DN

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