Smog, Bowes Primary, Intel and looking ahead

Been worried about air quality for years. As a kid in the city where I grew up, the school authorities used to force us to cancel afternoon sports practices due to smog. So it's been awful witnessing the same thing again in Bowes.


A few years ago I had Enfield Council's Sustainability scrutiny look at the existing air quality sensors. They really weren't good enough. So went out a while back (ostensibly as part of a "smart cities" agenda) to doorstep Intel. And wangled about 100 free air quality sensors out of them. See




X number of these sensors are to be rolled out in Bowes to gain a more granular understanding of air quality at different distances from the North Circular. Hopefully to inform behaviour.  This will directly involve the community - watch this space imminently


In the mean time, I totally support our friend Tom S. representing my fellow Bowes Primary governors (plus the School leadership) with the strong steps they are taking to protect the children. This is a crisis and although the big picture is too many cars in London (thus insufficient public transportation alternatives) - not to mention some fairly wimpy stands taken by Boris at his first GLA election re: not enforcing maximum car pollution standards - short-term we need to react as Tom and friends are doing.


Long-term the case has to be more obvious than ever to anyone criticising our moves to increase cycling in Enfield (see Mini-Holland bid)  that today's automobile-centric society has flaws.

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Comment by Laura Davenport on July 25, 2020 at 17:14

Hi Liz, check this out, there is a bit about Bowes in it but maybe not the amount of detail you are looking for.   The initial flyer asking for input for the scheme talked about residential roads, children playing, walking etc but the scheme to date focuses only on blocking roads off, it really lacks imagination.  I 100% support less traffic on our roads and I equally support us using our local shops more, supporting our local economy.  Once phase two is implemented (bus gate on Brownlow) it will be very very difficult to do a large shop in Palmers Green. I really would like our councillors to set up a zoom meeting for all residents and traffic engineers so we can ask a few questions. 

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