Dear all,

Some of you may remember I had an exhibition about my street in Bounds Green at the Geffrye Museum last year. As a result I was invited to do an exhibition at Bruce Castle Museum, and I decided this time, to do a drawing panorama of Myddleton Road.

The project will be a record of a walk in Myddleton Road. It will include two 7.3m long pencil panoramas of both sides of the street and a drawing of the New River. A little further ahead I am also planing to print a book about the street with the full panoramas. 

Probably like me, you enjoy looking at old drawings and photos of places you know imagining what it was like back then. My panoramas of the street will one day become an historical documentation of what Myddleton Road looked like in 2016 . 

Through this project I am hoping that local people, including those who are not necessarily interested in art, will be involved in an art and a community project and will experience their street through an art exhibition. The show will be free to the public, and will include free gallery talks, drawing lessons, and school workshops which I will give during its running time. 

I thought you may be interested to know about it, and will update in here further developments with the project's progress.

Best wishes,



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Very good luck with this interesting and valuable project, Gabriela.

Myddleton Road is a fascinating street in so many ways.  I have 17 years of photos of it, as I guess have others in the area. Bruce Castle has its history, photos, Street Directories and much more. 

Perhaps it is time for another set of 'oral history interviews' so that we also have the stories of the people who live and work there.  Any volunteers with experience (and multiple languages) out there?

Look forward to seeing your work later in the year.

Dear Caroline,  I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been very busy with applying for a grant from the Arts Council England for this project. Fingers Crossed I get it!

Anyway, I love your idea, perhaps you can do a talk or something during the exhibition with information about the street?

Perhaps we should talk further? 



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