Hi there,

I'm new to the forum so first of all, hello. My boyfriend and I are moving to a place in Bounds Green in two weeks' time. Both of us are brand new to the area and I wanted to ask, does anyone know of any running clubs or groups nearby?

I used to run quite a bit but I must admit I haven't for a while (about two years!) due to injury so I've been doing other forms of exercise (zumba and spinning mainly) to keep fit. I'm quite keen to get back into running though and wondered if there was anyone else out there that might like to get together for a run of a weekend or possibly evenings as well?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any fitness classes nearby?

Thanks in advance.


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I recommend the Saturday Park Run.  It's a 5K at Alexandra Palace.  It's free and run by volunteers.  Park Runs take place all over the capital and beyond.  You are properly timed so it's a nice way to try to increase your PB and everyone is welcome - complete beginners to advanced.  http://www.parkrun.org.uk/allypally/ 


Ooh, sounds good. Thanks for the info Leigh, I'll take a look at that. I'm sure I could manage 5k - well, I say that... :)

Thanks again.


Hi ladies - I moved to Bowes Park in June and I'm looking for a running club too.  I would be really keen to help set one up and to get running with others.  I've only gone and got a place in the London Mararthon and I'm really not fit enough at all, so it be great to run with others.  Plus it's much safer going in a group.  Did you decide on an evening or morning to give it a go?  I already run at about 6.30 each morning with my dog, so I'd be looking for an evening one as I reckon most normal people will be in bed at that time! :-)



Hi Emmy et al,

I'm all moved in now so happy to go ahead and try to organise a regular running group, maybe starting this Thursday evening if anyone's keen? Around 6.30? And perhaps Sunday morning as well (but not too early).

I'll do a separate post about this and see if there are any takers.

P.S. Cheers for all the info about Zumba by the way - last week I did Kendra's class on Tuesday and Monika's class on Wednesday and am going again this week.


Hi again,


You probably saw my other thread about going running on a Thursday evening and a Sunday morning (for now - more runs may be added :) Just to say, last night's run went ahead as planned. Emmy and I did three miles, a circular route starting and ending at Bounds Green tube station. We're planning on doing the same thing next Thursday (13th) and anyone is welcome to join us. I'm also going running at about 10.30 on Sunday morning in Alexandra Park and am planning on doing the 5k route round the park. Again, if anyone would like to join me for then, feel free to post on here or I can PM you my mobile number.



Hi there

I've just seen this thread (I know it is a few years back) but wanted to know if you still have your mini running club going in the area?

I have just moved into the area too and am looking for people to run with in the evenings or weekends.

If it is still going and you'd like more runners please let me know as I'd love to get involved. I have run a few marathons but don't take it too seriously and have a few routes around Ally pally but always better in a group.

Anyway I look forward to hearing from you if stil the case, if not then no worries.




Hi Paul,

Hope you're liking the area. We did manage to get a small running group up and running (ha ha) during 2013. It was very informal and we didn't get as many takers as I thought we would unfortunately but we had some regulars. Sadly, after several runners moved away, the group did eventually fold at the end of 2013 and last year I moved out to Enfield Town so am no longer living in the area. I still run though and can recommend the Edmonton Running Club (based not in Edmonton but in Winchmore Hill if that's anywhere near you) and I've heard the Crouch End running club is also good.

It made me laugh when I read in your post 'I have run a few marathons but don't take it seriously'. That sounds pretty serious to me, Paul. :) Anyway, sorry I couldn't help. I'd recommend you start a new thread on this forum to see if you can get any takers

Good luck and keep on running. :)


Hi Suzanne

Thanks so much for getting back to me despite not continuing the club anymore, very much appreciated.

I'll see if I can start a similar one in the area and if not will give Edmonton/Crouch End a shot.

Many thanks once again :)




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