Recently this cat (pic attached) has started to hang around our garden in Maidstone Road and looks quite thin. He/She (will call him he from now on) is black with a white patch on its front and white paws. He also has very long whiskers.

I have seen this cat around (there are so many cats in BG) for a long time but usually just passing through, like the other cats. He has only been hanging around for longer recently and now my feeling is he seems lost or abandoned as he is very thin. 

He doesn't have the most pleasant bedside manner, when you go near him he hisses like a snake, a bit off putting. But once you get passed the hissing he does allow you to stroke him and he is not so bad.

My other 2 cats don't seem to like him and my female just gives him a wallop every time she see him.

If no one knows anything about him I will have to take him to see if he has been micro-chipped. However thought I would post it here first to see if anyone recognises him.

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I was convinced this was my cat Henry at first - he's not missing but is sick and has  medicine twice a day which  he hates so has been wandering. The paws are different though (see attached). Hope you manage to reunite him with his owner soon, and thanks for sharing. Tracy


I mean I think they look the same. Could be the angle of the photo. Where do you live? Do you live near me?


I live on Parkhurst Road so I think he'd have to cross the railway to get to you, so quite a hike. He recently lost his collar so I am going to put one on him tonight and then at least if he does wander you'll way you will know it's Henry. Henry has a very bushy tail, like a fox - not sure if this one does?

OK will check if he comes tonight :-) 

Hi Anna. For some reason when I reply on live chat it is not showing now.

The cat came round this evening and was not wearing a collar so not Tracy's cat.  Ana came round and sadly it was not her cat either. Ana pointed out it was female and probably has kittens. Might explain why she hisses at you when approached. 

Feel sorry for her and am going to have to do something about her. Will try and see if she is chipped in next few days. 

Cat update: Today when I went in my garden I was surprised to discover the cat in this discussion had 4 lovely kittens living under my shed. I contacted the wonderful Beatrice who is dedicated to rescuing and looking after unwanted cats, a cause which she funds herself. Beatrice came round and put a large animal pen next to the shed, hopefully the kittens will start moving into it. Once they are used to it Beatrice will take them away with their mum to be neutered etc and then hopefully find new homes.

If any of you are interested in taking on/adopting a rescue cat or kitten, please do contact Beatrice via Suzy, who helps Beatrice with fund raising on Streetlife:

Beatrice has a lot of cats to re-home, the situation is critical.

If any of you want to support Beatrice you can do so via Suzy who organises a monthly collection for Beatrice. 

Definitely not Henry then ;).

I'll take a look at Streetlife, thanks for sharing.

Good luck! I will look at the link re: collections - I already have two cats so couldn't take on another one unfortunately. 


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