Beginners Salsa Course starting in Bowes Park - feedback wanted!

Hello everyone, 

I'm thinking of running Beginners Salsa lessons in Bowes Park on a Monday or Wednesday night and just wanted to gauge interest! 

Initially, this would be a unique and exciting 4 week course giving you the confidence to step onto the dance floor.

Would you be interested in this and if so, what day would you prefer? It will start end of Feb/ beginning of March. 

Cost would be just £20 for the 4 week course. If it's a success, I'll make it a permanent fixture and add an Improvers Level class immediately afterwards. 

Thanks for reading. All ideas/ suggestions welcome! 

Best wishes,

Sureka x


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Yes, I'd be interested in salsa dancing lessons!  Either Monday or Wednesday nights.

I'm interested! 

Great stuff! Sorry guys, I'm going to have to make it £25 for the 4 week course to cover running costs. Maths is not my strong point! ;)

Mex and Lindsey - as you've already registered your interest I'll still honour the original price of £20 for you :)

Please keep spreading the word and keep your replies coming in! 

Best wishes, 

Sureka x


Gabriella Mia Dance Company

Sounds good.  Keep me posted when you've got a date set up!

Will do Shona! Thanks for your interest. Sureka 

Booked. Come on Bowes & Bounders, come and do some dancing! It's happening over four Wednesdays in April - look

Thanks Lindsey - look forward to meeting you!! Flyers being printed as we speak :)) 

Hi Sureka. I'd be interested in this. £25 seems like a good deal to me.


Thanks for your interest Suzanne and thanks for your support guys! I'm relatively new to the area and it's hard to do something like this without a loyal local following so I'm very grateful. Look out for my flyers at The Step, 128 Myddleton Road and possibly through your door soon! xx

Dear Sureka,

Thanbk you for your enquiry about the Barn Dance.  It will be held on Saturday 16th March at 7.15pm at the

Bounds Green Bowls and Tennis Club, Goring Road, N11 (ebntrance by garages on left hand side by post box).

There will be a caller and musician who are  very lively, tic kets are £12/10 concessions which includes a buffet in the interval.  Tickets available from me on 0208 881 5195 or from the Red Sea Supermarket in

Myddleton Road. 


I would certainly be interested in future salsa classes but not able to dance at the moment.

best wishes,


Sarah Harris

Hi Sarah,

Sorry for the late reply! My Beginners Salsa Course starts on April 3 so just under a month away!

If the timing works for you, just contact me on 07984 136 961 for details or look out for my flyers at 128 Myddleton Road, The Step or maybe even through your letterbox over the next few days! 

I won't unfortunately be able to make the 16th as I'm doing a charity salsa show the weekend after and will undoubtedly be in a state of blind panic by then haha!

But please do keep me informed if there is a next one coming up - I love Barn Dances :) 

All the best, 

Sureka x

There's been a great response from the lovely ladies of Bowes Park and Bounds Green - now they just need a few more men to dance with! Any gents interested in learning Salsa, please get in touch with me on 07984 136 961 or email - don't keep the ladies waiting! x


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