I have learned tonight from social media that our Bounds Green (Haringey Councillors) from what I could gather were not automitacly selected to represent Bounds Green at the next local elections by the local Labour Party.

From what I could see the momentum group (not sure who they are ) voted against them.

I am not very much into politics but I have seen nothing other than hard work from our councillors.

I know that Joanna, Ali and Cllare alongside our community groups such as BPCA and WLMR have worked their backsides off for Bounds Green, to make it a place where we can all be proud of.

These are the people whom have come out to look at problems that I reported with their young Kids in buggies, never hasitating to pop over to look at an issue in the ward when ever I called.

I am sad , actually I am furious that it has come to this that we might loose our councillors whom have poured their hard work into Bounds Green.

Not sure what I can do, or who I can write to.

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Thanks Richard. Interesting article, although the below the line comments were pretty toxic!

Do you know when the new candidates who have been selected will be announced?

Sure, it's end game rather than the start of a campaign, I understand that, although I'm sympathetic to those who regret the loss of their councillors thanks to 'Trot entryists' ;-).  Thanks for the information, I'm an Enfield resident by just a few yards but very much interested in how this situation plays out (recalling Barnet's outsourcing strategy).  It reminded me of the BBC documentary 'The Estate We're In' which I watched again over the weekend...in case anyone's interested


In an underperforming economy where does the investment come from for new and upgraded (social) housing stock in the absence of a partnership with the private sector (without increasing the £1.3trn national debt pile).  Fixing that involves fixing the economy and no radical change to housing can occur without affecting communities.  It's the disingenuous nature of the deal offered to people that matters as I think the film shows.  However interestingly on balance some residents in the film come to accept the shared ownership model and most accept you 'can't beat the system' and get on with it.  Do Haringey residents have a preferred alternative private sector partner?

Information on Lend Lease from Taxpayers Against Poverty (on Facebook), the Tottenham-based campaign started by Rev Paul Nicholson, about a letter from Haringey Council (sorry, it won't de-bold):

Information from an international tax consultant about your answer to  Freedom of Information Act Request ref: LBH/6778817 which is public...
"You are being fobbed off with an answer which appears to suggest that the company in question might pay tax in the UK, which actually offers no such prospect. As a matter of fact  anyone managing land in this country is bound to be UK tax resident,  whether the company is incorporated in the UK or not. So, this is the first meaningless element to the answer. More importantly, unless there are provisions that prevent this company making management charges, interest loan charges, insurance premium charges and other such expense recharges from tax havens, all of which could reduce its UK recorded profits to being a negligible, or non-existent, sum then there is no way of knowing whether or not it will actually pay tax in this country.  As a result the representation you have been given is disingenuous because it implies nothing.
My suggestion is that you go back and asked for a copy of any agreement  and a clear indication that there are caps to be imposed on any charges that may be made to this company from offshore.  Without them the profits can flow to wherever in the world this company likes with very little restriction being put in the way by the UK tax system."
It seems as if t​he wool of an Australian sheep is being pulled over the eyes of an English Council.

The Haringey planning sub-committee approved the plans for redevelopment of Horsney Town Hall yesterday.  The developer is the 'Far East Consortium' (FEC), a company registered in the Cayman Islands.



Ham & High - Stroud Green nursing home closure ‘a travesty of l... 

Further evidence of the deliberate and managed decline of social provision in Haringey

...or simply cut it.

I understand that the new labour councillor candidates are:

James Chiriyankandath, Yvonne Say and Pat Berryman. Would be grateful if anyone could confirm this. I understand Pat is currently a councillor in Fortis Green and lives there. Have to say this makes me a bit worried that he doesn't have any local presence or stake in the area. 

I can confirm the above.

The candidates chosen by us last week went through a thorough selection process which included local priorities. Each one brings a "dowry" of experience and skills which are very welcome.  Only one of the three soon to be ex councillors currently lives in the ward but that was not a problem when they were selected at the last round of local elections.  As far as we were concerned they had many other things going for them.  And we were right, weren't we, judging by the support they have had in the last week or so.  They turned out to be hardworking councillors who became involved with the life of the ward.

The following planning applications are available on Haringey's website for comment:

HGY/2017/3573 and HGY/2017/3574; Broadway Annexe Hornsey Town Hall

Proposed refurbishment of interior and exterior of Broadway Annexe building and incorporation of temporary marketing suite (use class sui generis) until June 2018.

Listed building consent for proposed refurbishment of interior and exterior of Broadway Annexe building and incorporation of temporary marketing suite (use class sui generis) until June 2018.

Consultation period ends 12th January 2018.  The agent for the applications is Crouch End (FEC) Ltd.

Details available at http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet


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