Dear All,

I have decided to reignite the debate on introducing a CPZ on the Enfield side of Bounds Green. As I am sure many of you are aware Enfield Council consulted on the idea around 5 years ago now and since then its my belief that things have got worse.

I live on York Road and on speaking to my immediate neighbors saw that there was an agreement that it would be good if something could be done. I leafleted the majority of York Road on Friday to canvas opinion asking for people to sign there name at the following link and have been quite pleased with the response so far.

I conducted a unscientific survey last week along York Road which showed that on Saturday and Sunday at around 1pm, there were 16 and 18 spaces respectively that were available, however at the same time on Monday there were only 2.

It is quite clear that the bulk of the availability of spaces is concentrated during weekdays and the problem is being caused by commuters who use our roads as a car park. As Haringey have a CPZ covering their side it has further pushed more vehicles down into Enfield.


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Hi Karen

You write: 

 I'm on Highworth, where Bowes School is. Maybe you could email Alan as well to remind them that it's not just about certain streets but, the area near the tube/North Circular as a whole. We need to keep badgering them about this.

Sorry to be a pedant, but this area crosses both ward boundaries and Borough boundaries

so you need to lobby more than Alan Sitkin!

I'd be interested as to whether there has been any progress with this issue.  With the recent introduction of residents parking in the east part of Bounds Green in Haringey (Palmerston Road etc.) this issue is getting worse.  The cars which used to park here are (commuters and dumped vans) are now moving up to the area of Enfield inside the North Circular.

This map highlights the issue - the Haringey side of Bounds Green/Bowes Park is all now a CPZ and the Enfield side has no parking controls:

Does anybody know if Enfield have been made aware of this issue?

My wife has emailed Enfield about the worse parking situation, but no reply as of yet

I live on Tewkesbury Terrace and was in touch in November with Enfield council about a CPZ consultation. I am about to go door to door to collect signatures from residents. I was told that even if the majority of resident want a consultation, it doesn't necessarily mean it will happen.

Parking on our road is an absolute nightmare & CPZ in Haringey has made it even worse!

The chap I've been in touch with at Enfield is really helpful and I'll happily pass on his details.

Hi Zeta, if you can share the contact details for the person you'be spoken to at Enfield that would be great.

Yes of course.

His name is Jonathan Goodson and here are his contact details:

Principal Engineer - Traffic Team

Planning, Highways & Transportation

Regeneration & Environment Department

Enfield Council

0208 379 3474

07943 532443

There is a private Facebook group for families in the area called 128 Families and there is a lot of activity on their forum about CPZ too. Jacob is also on that forum so I'm sure we can rally enough interest.


I live on Russell Road and have recently emailed council about parking - am happy to support CPZ so let me know if help needed.  Agree regarding co-ordination of roads to avoid just pushing problem around. 

I met with Councillor Yasemin Brett this morning. Initially she suggested that I petition for a CPZ in my area (Marlborough, Whittington and Russell) but I explained that while that might solve the immediate problem, it would only make the parking worse elsewhere.

I asked if there was a more sensible way to make use of parking resources across the area and she suggested I and other residents meet with Daniel Anderson, who is the cabinet minister in charge of this issue, to see what could be done about coordinating with Haringey.

If anyone else would be interested in such a meeting, please let me know. It would be good to have representatives from the various roads.

Hi Jacob,

I would be interested in attending a meeting with the Minister.

I agree that any restrictions need to include all roads between Bounds Green Rd and Nth Circ.


Thanks Zeta, I'm in the loop with 128 too...
Thanks so much Zeta for suggesting that all roads in this loop are included. I'm from Brownlow and would like to come to the meeting unless anyone else from BR would like to go.

The post from Matthew Clark reads

 The cars which used to park here are (commuters and dumped vans) are now moving up to the area of Enfield inside the North Circular.

The words chosen have a specific meaning residents can check the Vehicle Reg against the DVLA web site to ascertain whether a VED has been paid for to ascertain whether they have been "dumped" as alleged

Previous evidence was alleged that some were all day parked by commuters. A One hour parking restriction can be applied so that the vehicles can be ticketed


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