Dear All,

I have decided to reignite the debate on introducing a CPZ on the Enfield side of Bounds Green. As I am sure many of you are aware Enfield Council consulted on the idea around 5 years ago now and since then its my belief that things have got worse.

I live on York Road and on speaking to my immediate neighbors saw that there was an agreement that it would be good if something could be done. I leafleted the majority of York Road on Friday to canvas opinion asking for people to sign there name at the following link and have been quite pleased with the response so far.

I conducted a unscientific survey last week along York Road which showed that on Saturday and Sunday at around 1pm, there were 16 and 18 spaces respectively that were available, however at the same time on Monday there were only 2.

It is quite clear that the bulk of the availability of spaces is concentrated during weekdays and the problem is being caused by commuters who use our roads as a car park. As Haringey have a CPZ covering their side it has further pushed more vehicles down into Enfield.


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As a Palmers Green resident not impacted by Bounds Green CPZ may I be allowed to comment:

Josh writes:

I conducted a unscientific survey last week along York Road which showed that on Saturday and Sunday at around 1pm, there were 16 and 18 spaces respectively that were available, however at the same time on Monday there were only 2.

The result of the consultation published by Haringey in March 2007 is attached as a pdf

Subsequent to the Introduction of Bounds Green CPZ, Joanne Maccartney put this question to the Mayor of London

Enfield CPZ

Question No: 1463 / 2008

Joanne McCartney

Enfield residents living close to Bounds Green tube station are suffering increased parking problems as a result of the introduction of a CPZ over the Borough boundary in Haringey. LB Enfield have not put in a recent bid to TfL for the introduction of a similar scheme, saying unreasonably that they haven’t got the money to do a proper assessment and bid, meanwhile residents continue to suffer. Can you please see what can be done to sort this mess out?


Hi Joshua

FYI I have found the letter (see attached.pdf ) but not the resulting report. Shame that the file I found did not include any map of the precise proposals.

Bowes Labour website reported:

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Possible controlled parking zone - Bounds Green Area

A consultation is FINALLY being organised on this issue. We'd be hassling the previous Administration to organise one but they never got around to it. Now that our group has the majority, we can get things moving.

Residents in the vicinity of Bounds Green will have received forms from the Council and should fill them in and return them using the postage-free envelope.

Otherwise - because we are environmentally-minded and want to save money - you can go online to give your opinion. The url is " us". The consultation finishes by Friday 22 October


Hi Josh

I am so glad that you have picked this issue up.  Parking outside or close to our house in Bounds Green (Enfield part) is always a real problem and it is definitely about time that we got something done about it.  I live at the south end of Warwick Road - probably at just about the closet point to Bounds Green tube you can get whilst being outside the Haringey CPZ area.  Every day I see many commuters park their cars in the early morning only to return after work to pick them up again, in the meantime blocking parking for local residents .  Even worse is when we see people park and unload suitcases then make their way to the tube, only to return a week (or two) later again blocking parking for residents.  Obviously its made easy for them to use our streets as a free car park.  As you say the Haringey CPZ has forced traffic into the non controlled areas making the situation even worse there.

I would be very keen indeed for a CPZ to be implemented. It is my view that critical to success of any proposal is specific area that is consulted on - currently in any fairly wide area 'yes or no' consultation, those residents who live furthest from the tube most likely have no problem (and therefore vote 'no') are preventing those who have a real problem in getting something done about it. I can't believe that its not possible to consult on a structured proposal and the for implementation to take place only in those areas that are in favour of it.

Anyway, the key thing is that there is some debate about this again (thank you for that) and hopefully some momentum to get something done is building up.

How did you propose to progress this from here?


Hi Josh, been a while since we spoke on this forum, hope all is well. Re: CPZ, just to say that whereas in certain areas councillors may have one or the other ideological predisposition, this isn't one of them. If there is strong evidence that a big majority of people want to revisit the question and enact a CPZ we'll support that. If not, no. But of course, as you correctly write above, that expression of interest depends on which roads are specifically being consulted. You are intimating that people closer to the tube would be happier to support a CPZ than people further away. I think you're right about that too. Let me ask the traffic guys at the Council and revert.

Hi Josh,

We live in Natal Road and in the last year it is beyond impossible to park. We are constantly driving around the roads looking for a parking space. I have to say I personally find the evenings the worst time. I am aware that this issue was debated in 2010, but five years later I think most residents would be more accepting of introducing CPZ as we are all truly fed up with the parking situation.
I have to completely agree with Michael, we often see cars parked here for weeks at a time, as people head off on holiday, and use the tube. We also see a large number of work vans parked over the weekends, where one van arrives on Monday morning and drops the various owners to their vans.
Something has to be done, I know people on Natal Road who are closer to the north circular and they also have parking problems, so I believe the knock on effect of the commuter parking & haringey CPZ has spread a lot wider than any debate in 2010. I have just signed the petition, and thanks for bringing this up again.

Nuala Quinn writes: We also see a large number of work vans parked over the weekends, where one van arrives on Monday morning and drops the various owners to their vans.

Sometimes such vehicles should be subject to the Licence for an Operating Centre, see report here.

Are the vehicles obviously from one or more  single operators? Is the operator paying the driver for the vehicle to be parked off road? 

Check for free if the particular vehicles have up-to-date  vehicle tax, click here.

North of the A406, residential roads are subject to an overnight and weekend parking control.

Some vehicles are designated as offices and should have no smoking signs. Is there a seat and seat belt for each person being carried? 

I guess that consultation is important.  An issue with controlled parking is that it moves the problem to roads where parking isn't controlled.  But I sense the frustration from those who can't park near their homes.

Nuala Quinn wrote:  

we often see cars parked here for weeks at a time

  • Apart from those going on holiday, some cars may actually up for sale by a local dealer advertising on the world wide web. The local authority has a street trading order and offences can occur even if the vehicles do NOT display FOR SALE SIGNS

No one has mentioned either footway parking or having a dropped kerb outside of their house. 

Unless in locations identified by signs, footway parking is covered by the Greater London Council General Powers Act 1974 (see info produced by REDBRIDGE) and see the legislation

Just to say that our offcer has given me docs on CPZ processes, we'll be talking about them this Thursday 7.30pm at the Bowes ward forum, Trinity at Bowes Church, Palmerston Road junction North Circ

Hi Donald,

Thanks for all the information. The vans are not a daily issue, it happens for different periods and then we don't see them for a while. My main issue is that daily we are just over stretched on all the roads, too many cars not enough spaces. In relation to dropped kerbs Natal Road doesn't have this and I cannot imagine many residents wanting this as they would lose their front gardens. I appreciate it is an option / solution, but I would hope introducing some form of controlled parking would be a better option.
I also appreciate that we cannot always expect to park outside our houses, but whenever you cannot find find a parking space within all your surrounding roads then we really need to try and address this, as this happens more often than not.
Great advice about company vans etc that never occurred to me so the next time we have a few weeks of vans parking I will keep an eye out.

Really interested to read the comments. I live on Tewkesbury Terrace and we experience the probems already discussed.
With young children and cars hunting around for spaces, I worry about accidents.
Just before you posted this, I emailed Enfield Council about CPZ but haven't had a response yet (or acknowledgment).
Happy to sign a petition.
Thanks for getting the debate going.


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