I'm looking for what may be an old-fashioned sort of dressmaker to take up the uneven hem of a swirly, silky dress. It's quite an expensive dress - or would be if I had not bought it in a sale - so I don't want to risk taking it to one of the dry-cleaner's tailors up the road who tell me just to pin up the amount I want taken up with a safety pin; one of them has ruined a skirt in the past. I would like to find a professional dressmaker who will pin up the hem of the dress all round by 2.6" while it's one me as it's not that easy to get even. I know of such a dressmaker in Kingston but it's a long way to go.

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Hi Anna - the 'Dress Doctor' is very good (she adjusted and revamped practically all the clothes of one of my client's) and she's mobile, so may come to you. 

Have a look at http://thedressdoctor.co.uk/


I have sent you a message off-forum about someone local who could help. I anyone else is interested, please email me.



Thanks for your email. I have tried to reply via the forum, but it failed! I suggest you simply phone me or my partner Lesley on 020 8883 9069.




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