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The Bowes Park Community Association (BPCA) is co-ordinating a network of community volunteers across Bounds Green and Bowes Park to support our neighbours during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We think it is vital that we provide safe contact and practical support – at a distance – to anyone who needs it.  We know other local groups are already setting up support systems which is amazing and heartening to know that we live in such a caring area.

To make sure no-one in our community is overlooked and to use our resources to best effect, we’d be really grateful if you could reply to this email or email to let us know: 

  • The names of any streets that already have a support group established (please can you ask the person co-ordinating to contact us)


  • If you want to be a Local Co-ordinator for a street / section of a street 

Many thanks and take care


Emma, BPCA Chair

P.S. if you are reading this and are in need of support because of coronavirus, please contact us

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This is an excellent initiative - well done and thank you. 

This is a great idea. We all really need to pile in and help each other. I've had a few thoughts that I'd like to contribute:

• I'm just in the age group that might need to self-isolate, so I can't offer to buy groceries, etc, but if necessary I could organise an online grocery delivery for anyone who can't do this themselves.

• I'm happy to be a sort of chat service (within reason!) and talk to people by phone (mobile and land line) should they feel the need to reach out, to dispel feelings of isolation, loneliness and fear. 

• Keeping positive and cheerful: any ideas on this? For example, there's lots of stuff that the internet allows, eg, downloading audiobooks from Haringey libraries, downloading or listening to programmes on the radio (loads there). If you have a Kindle, you can download books there too. Films on telly. Gardening. 

• How about "nature notes" to share? Spring is starting and we could share little stories or pictures of little events we see. For example, this morning I've seen a robin with its beak stuffed with leaves and twigs for building a nest. 

• What about pets? Dogs need walking, and pets can get ill. 

• It might be worth getting people's telephone numbers too (with their consent) so that if someone doesn't see a neighbour for a while, they can check up on them. Or, neighbours could just go and knock on the door, or post a note through the letterbox. Could the postmen/postwomen be asked to keep an eye out too?

Please keep donating to food banks. These people need help too, as do the homeless who are in a particularly vulnerable situation.

Is there a similar structure in Oakwood, please? If not, I can see us setting one up - I'm two doors down from Helen Shore, who's an activist.

My husband and I would very much like to help with this.  We are in a high risk group but can help around our road Hardwicke Road with support.  We are feeling very well and healthy.  

We could co ordinate something in our street if you wish.

Hi everyone. Lots of useful ideas from phone-ins on Woman's Hour this morning. It's well worth a listen if you are able to do so on catch up.

We don't know what exactly will be coming down the line to us, and in a sense looking out for older neighbours is the easy bit! What concerned me, listening to WH this morning, were the equally vulnerable people in our communities. For example, single parents with little money who may have to stay home if schools are closed and/or holidays extended; children who depend on school meals; and people suffering domestic abuse who are forced to work remotely, for whom home is anything but 'safe'. I have had some second-hand experience of this through a family member and it is absolutely exhausting and scary. For this last group, I wonder whether it might be worth alluding to contact numbers and helpful mobile phone apps (I can give details of these) in our flier? 

Hi there

I work in publishing and someone sent me a brilliant list this morning of free books and audio. Hope this is useful.


Thanks very much Sarah. This really is the time to be creative and inventive with ideas! Dx

Don't forget

You'll likely need a crafts directory list too. Time to get started on booties, knitters. In 9 months hence...

Thanks Jel. Good idea. I'm going to resurrect my old Singer sewing machine… it's the Blitz spirit, as Dame Vera Lynn has reminded us…

If anyone has a kindle then is great, you put in your preferences and get a daily email of heavily discounted and free books via Amazon, I have collected loads of free books since I started using it

My husband and I can help if anyone needs things picked up and delivered around the Blake Road area (or further afield).


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