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The Bowes Park Community Association (BPCA) is co-ordinating a network of community volunteers across Bounds Green and Bowes Park to support our neighbours during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We think it is vital that we provide safe contact and practical support – at a distance – to anyone who needs it.  We know other local groups are already setting up support systems which is amazing and heartening to know that we live in such a caring area.

To make sure no-one in our community is overlooked and to use our resources to best effect, we’d be really grateful if you could reply to this email or email to let us know: 

  • The names of any streets that already have a support group established (please can you ask the person co-ordinating to contact us)


  • If you want to be a Local Co-ordinator for a street / section of a street 

Many thanks and take care


Emma, BPCA Chair

P.S. if you are reading this and are in need of support because of coronavirus, please contact us

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Thanks for organising this Emma.  Sorry to say I will be more of a taker on this than a giver.

My name is Kamal Kaddourah, I would like to help, but i do not know how -  contact me please on 07717177733 or

Hi Kamal

Here is a Whatsapp group you can join. It was set-up to provide information and coordination for the whole Bounds Green Ward:

And here's a bit more information on how it operates:


Below is an recent update from the BPCA on the support that they and others have been providing during the current situation:

- They have set up a network of Road Reps to co-ordinate support - there is an alphabetical list of the roads covered at the end of this update

- They have produced a short contact sheet, listing useful support telephone numbers etc : COVID-19%20Support%20-%20Bowes%20Park.pdf

- They had hundreds of emails, most were volunteers and organising that, but about 10-15 were people asking directly for help. 

- They have had at least 50 calls, mostly direct from people in need.

- They created a list of "vulnerable people", and are working with local coordinators to check on them.

- They have referred a small number cases to Haringey Councillor James Chiriyankandath and/or Connected Communities when they needed more assistance than the BPCA could provide.

Streets with Reps:

Beech Road

Belsize Avenue

Cheshire Road

Clarence Road

Eleanor Road

Elvendon Road

Fletton Road

Goring Road

Granville Road

Hampshire Road

Hardwick Road

Herbert Road

Kelvin Avenue

Lascotts Road

Livingstone Road

Manor Road

Marlborough Road

Marquis Road

Melbourne Road

Moffat Road

Myddleton Road

North brook Road

Palmerston Road

Pankhurst Road

Pymmes Road

Queens Road

Richmond Road

Russell Road

Shropshire Road

Sidney Avenue

Sidney Road

Spencer Avenue

Thorold Road

Truro Road

Upswell Avenue

Westbury Road

Whittington Road

Hi Emma,
I am a member of Palmerston Road support group. I distributed leaflets 3 weeks go.

Yesterday it was texted  Palmerston should be re distributed, was I willing.

Sent numerous texts expressing my concern.  By redistributing leaflets might be distributing the virus. Not sure if the mp Catherine west or councillors have approved.  Have suggested using the Royal maul to distribute. Everyone means well but might be causing a threat.


Dear Noeleen - I think we've resolved this with phone calls and WhatsApp, but I want to explain to everyone. 

As local ad hoc volunteer groups, there's a problem that we identified early on: there might be duplication but it's better than leaving someone out. 

We don't expect or want any volunteer to do anything that puts them at risk.

The local councillors have been extremely supportive. Neither Catherine West nor any Local Councillors are directly involved with our flyer distribution and community project, but when there are individuals or households who need help beyond what the local volunteers can provide, the Councillors have been extremely quick to help those in need. Honestly, I feel we are very lucky to have this massive community volunteer network supported by our local Councillors who have assisted those in dire circumstances.

I hope that's a good explanation and it helps you and others on the site. Please contact me or reply if you want any further information.


The BPCA have also highlighted a number of good local initiatives:

  • TEA AT 3 on BBC LONDON RADIO 94.9 FM every afternoon, hosted by local resident and BBC reporter Anna O'Neill
  • DOG WALKING: Greenwalks, a local dog walking business is offering free dog walking for all NHS staff. Please contact: 07772972473.
  • Also, there are other volunteers offering to walk dogs. Get in touch with the BPCA for this.
  • There's an app that most people have probably heard about, but it's called Covid Symptom Tracker, started by the research department at King's College London. The more information they have, the more they can help to slow the impact and share symptoms. Find more information here:  COVID Symptom Tracker - Help slow the spread of COVID-19
Strange that... I emailed and no reply we are both high risk covid.
Currently people can’t self refer until later in the week but a lot of people involved in their care can so please see below.

Please help to urgently promote that NHS healthcare professionals and social care staff can now refer people for help from the NHS Volunteer Responders through an easy-to-use weblink: 

The service is for patients who need to self-isolate due to health reasons and need support to do so via collecting shopping/medication, transport  home from hospital and to medical appointments, and ‘check-in and chat’ phone calls to prevent loneliness. Further details here:

Please see the attached document for local support information:


With the end in sight, the support need isn't going to be over. We have bereaved and long-term handicapped in our midst, and a lot of less vissible psychological damage. It may be useful to get together with your surgery to learn appropriate first aid support skills as the professional services are going to be overwhelmed. The bereavement charity Cruise comes to mind, and I believe St Johns Ambulance may be teaching trauma first-aid. Perhaps our leaders can pull an Authorised Version together.

4 years later, can we move this thread away from the front page please?


Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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