Haringey Council is proposing to increase parking permit prices and introduce surcharges to diesel fuelled vehicles.

They say that the  proposed changes will help to reduce parking pressures, congestion, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

See below from their recent email and their website for more information:

The statutory consultation which starts on Wednesday 3 June, will run for a period of 21 days, closing on Wednesday 24 June, and proposes the following changes:

  • Parking permits – a £10 increase across all existing parking permits to support the significant costs of running, maintaining and enforcing our parking infrastructure.
  • Additional parking permits – A £50 surcharge on second and subsequent permits to reduce car ownership, promote active travel and more sustainable modes of travel.
  • Diesel fuelled vehicles – An £80 surcharge for diesel fuelled vehicles to highlight the impact of diesel emissions on local air quality and influence cleaner future vehicle choices.
  • On-street pay-to-park and off-street car parks – a 25% surcharge to on-street pay-to-park areas and off-street car parks to discourage short trips within the borough.
  • Visitor permits – households would be limited to no more than two daily visitor permits at any one time. Daily visitor permits would increase to £4 across all CPZ areas.  A concessionary rate discount of 50% will be applied to the visitor permit charge for those aged 65 or over, or if registered disabled.
  • Disabled Blue Badge Holders – a free residential permit for Disabled Blue Badge Holders to replace the companion badge scheme and the requirement to display that permit.
  • Administration Fee for parking permit refunds – the council is proposing a £20 administration fee on processing parking permit refunds.  It is also proposed that visitor scratch cards shall become non-refundable.

If the proposed changes are agreed by the council in September 2020, the new prices would be introduced in November 2020.  For more information on these proposals, visit their current parking consultations page.

Email them at frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk if you have any comments on the proposals.

They would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that parking enforcement will be resuming soon and they will update Haringey residents once a date has been agreed.

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Reading this and thinking of all the talk about change, I wonder if now is the time to push for the pedestrianisation of Myddleton Road. Deliveries and cleaning still happen at specific times in pedestrianised shopping streets. Of course, there will be issues. Many business park in the street-rather counter productive as customers cannot!

Streets around  Myddleton do not want to see an increase in parking and that needs managing.  But, surely if we are learning anything at the moment, it is time for some changes, particularly in an area with access to the best range of public transport.

Also, watch out for planning deregulation about to be brought in! Important issues for Myddleton.

Hi Cathy,

Yes, I think that less cars and more street space on Myddleton Road would be an excellent idea.

I don't think it would necessarily have to be full pedestrianisation - perhaps removing half of the parking spaces and replacing them with areas for seating, planters on top of hidden rubbish bins, more bike parking etc. The road space could zig-zag, slowing down the cars and making the street altogether more safe and pleasant.

I am shocked more people are not responding to these discriminatory proposals. The obvious challenge for the council is to raise more revenue for what has become an expensive programme to implement, manage and enforce. But it is also a 'nice little earner' don't be fooled.
Rather than targeting specific areas, make a small increase across all categories. All this Diesel bashing is getting rather boring when later models are better than most Petrol vehicles but not everyone can afford one, particularly poorer residents.
I have no sympathy for the Council and object to their attempts to hide the true reason for the proposals - they want more Revenue!


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