The message below has been circulated by the Broomfield Home-Owners' and Residents' Association

HELP OPPOSE THE A406 FLATS at site 6, Bowes Road between Powys Lane and Pymmes Close.

Send an objection letter to Enfield, which you can download from the BHORA website:

Under the North Circular Area Action Plan, Notting Hill Housing Trust have planned a number of sites for development of blocks or high rised flats along the A406. This development will greatly increase the density of the population in the small local area, with little or no provision for the increases in demands that will be placed on the social infrastructure. This includes a lack of parking spaces for the flats which means that the surrounding roads will effectively end up being an overspill; and the lack of provision for both drivers and pedestrians to access or exit the flats. Risk Assessments of the site performed by BHORA show a very high risk of danger, of which Notting Hill have not considered.

Many BHORA residents want to see a revision of the development plans to provide sensible housing sympathetic to the surrounding area bearing in mind the impacts stated above. These are some of the points raised in the objection letter against one of the sites (i.e. site 6, Bowes Road), which you can download from the BHORA website.

Please help support this campaign by taking a few minutes to download and send the objection letter today.

Kind Regards

Caroline Chénier

Broomfield Home-Owners' and Residents' Association

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With Enfield planning dept being put into 'special measures' maybe we should consider talking to the Planning Inspectorate' regarding recent A406 planning applications and the approach NHHT are taking to the area, ie profit before people. We all know it should be people before profit.

Agree 200% that it must be people before profit. As lefties, it's the kind of thing Achilleas, Yasemin and I fight for day in day out!

But by the by, it's inaccurate for you to say that Enfield's planning department is being put into special measures.  If you had come to tonight's scrutiny panel (like everyone else in your political party did), we discussed what is really happening there. For three years I've been inviting you to participate in Council meetings like the Sustainability scrutiny panel I chair. You've never found the time but I hope you will one day. It's the only way to learn about local government.

Enfield Council have published an update on the proposals for the North Circular area. In a document attached the agenda for last night's area forum they have detailed which of the proposals for Notting Hill Housing Developments have been approved.

They also have announced that the McDonalds application for a "drive thru" at Ritz Parade will be refused

Yep Richard, I could announce that at last night's Local Area Forum that our officers have rejected McDonalds. Doesn't mean that they won't appeal - indeed, we think they very likely might - but there is a decent chance we'd win even at the higher level.

Something that, tragically, is not the case for the Notting Hill plans.

If I'm not mistaken from what the officer said at the local area forum, McDonalds has already bought the property? Which would potentially create a problem. We'll see. Will stay in touch


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