Hi All

Anyone on Marlborough Road interested in a quick litter pick up(taking 20 mins of time) once or twice a week...along the New River at back of Marlborough Road. I use marigolds and a bin bag. The issue comes with a bin bag full of stuff and nowhere to put it. Sometimes I take it home. 

If anyone has any contacts as to where we can put rubbish great. If not would you like to help the river not get polluted. It doesnt take long. Sure would be more fun with someone else.

We need to work together.

Same goes for the little community garden.

Lets start something that people locally see happening and want to do.


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Hi Ann

When are you next doing this?

I can help if its evenings or weekends


Hi Pete


Next weekend day will be Sat 24 August 10.am. I will be outside entrance opposite the Bowes Park Community Garden. Probably start in the garden first and then head up the Marlborough Road bit of river. Should only take 10mins with two people. Just bring gloves. I aim to do most Sats unless its tipping it down. Cheers. Ann

Great idea, Ann. Thanks for doing this on your own so far. I'm around on and off in the next few months but if you suggest a regular time or list the particular times you'll be doing it. I'll turn up when I can. 



Hi Meg,

Ah Thankyou. Great.Will be there Sat 24 Aug 10.00am. Will try most saturdays at this time...so whenever you happen to be around is fab. Entrance opposite bowes park community garden. Just bring gloves and small bag(Ill bring a bin bag). Will be there unless tipping it down. Cheers! Ann

Dear Ann and all,

There is already a Rota for the New River Path, plus the Garden and Gym, that is run by the BPCA, and we have a rota of volunteers who do it once or twice a week.  We have been doing this for some years now.  We clear the path and bank, the Community Garden and the Gym.  The main job is clearing out the bin by the Tunnel entrance off Myddleton - that has to be emptied.  We try to separate recycle from general waste, and the rubbish all goes in the bins in the Gym. We can provide a litter-picker and bags for those who join the rota - it means you have to do it every 4-6 weeks. 

I would be delighted if anyone else would like to be on the rota. Do get in touch with me if you would like to join the rota.   Caroline@qurna.org

Hi Caroline

That is brilliant! I thought there must be something like this.  I will email you for the Rota. So Meg and Pete...thankyou and I will join in with the BPCA...so maybe see you in that context. Ann

Ah, good, it seems there are 2 ways of doing it, both of them necessary. The rota is great for those who can commit themselves ahead of time, and the Turn Up If You Can brings in others, whose diary management is less predictable, like me.


Oh, our emails crossed. Ann, if you post when you are on the rota, and what time you expect to start and where, then others can join you when they can. 


(Sorry, Can't do the 24th Aug)


I would like to help. I see there is a rota so please could you include me in that. Do you need an email address? 

I am not sure I can do 24th as yet. 


Hi All

Just to clear any confusion I am now going to join the Bowes Park Community Association Litter pick up.

Please see Carolines email and contact above. This is far more organised than what I was going to do. She has a rota. So I wont see you for anything on the 24th but I may see you on the BPCA rota. Happy to join up with someone and litter pick with you through that channel.

P.s..saw Heron diving for fish in the river today. Very happy.

Happy clean ups all.



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