Want to open a shop but how do I contact the absent landlords, it's a shut shop!!

Even start with a pop up shop if anyone is willing to lease a space for a limited period.

We're from a creative background & we want to do something to excite & regenerate the high st.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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It's very good that you want to open a shop in Myddleton Road.

Well....... it is tricky getting a foot in that door... but you need to find out who the owner is, or sometimes the managing agent. Some advertise this on the outside but most dont.

I believe the following are currently vacant in some sense. 

91, 117, 90 which is Zara's and talk to Mat and Nell at The Step about that one, 96-98 but I think very unlikely , 122, and at 130 I think that the business has closed but probably not moved out...landlord of that is the travel agent advertised to the right of it.  95 is also vacant but the owner has the whole property, and was recently refused a planning app, and no sign of movement... but may be worth writing to her if you wish to rent the shop as it is for a period - she might want the cash..  details on the Land Registry or that planning app..

You might find some clues as to ownership etc if you look on the Haringey planning website and look for planning applications and put in the address you are looking at... then look at any planning apps that are there and see if you can find details of the owner or agent etc.

Otherwise you will have to go to the Land Registry which usually costs £3 per address.

But if you had very big ears and understood Greek you would probably hear on the street who it belonged to.  Most of the agents know who owns everything.  But you could try asking.......

Very good luck!


Thank you Caroline!

I'm going to follow up some of these leads & sign up on a Greek language course!

We've made contact with Mat & Nell & going to meet up.

Really exciting!

Keep me posted if you get any more inside info.

best wishes


Hi Liz

Try Estate Agent called George at Capital Homes Commercial. He knows the area and some of the landlords.

Sue Nash

Thank you! I'll contact him.
Thanks Liz


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