Many of you will have seen some improvements being made to the pavements that run from Bounds Green Tube to Whittington Road and to Park Road. These improvements mirror the work done around Bounds Green Station earlier this summer, with new paving and trees.

We are keen to see further work undertaken from Bounds Green Tube station down to Warwick Road and will be making the case for this to be scheduled.

Alongside these works we have been consulting with the Governing Body of Bounds Green School to address concerns around the crossing on Park Road by one of the school gates. These include:

  • Making sure that ‘’school keep clear’’ markings are enforced

  • Installing school crossing signs

  • Working with the Smarter Travel team to improve signage

  • Ensuring that trees and hedges in the area are trimmed

  • Improving the existing speed humps

We are looking into what further action can be taken to improve road safety at this junction and around the school.

Do let us know if you have any questions or comments

Clare, Ali and Joanna (Bounds Green Councillors)

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I've seen the works, but am not sure that I have seen the improvements.  A bit like the current works on Wood Green High Street, it is hard to see what is different, even though I guess that quite a lot of money is being spent.  At least with the works around Bounds Green, they have not been disruptive.  If people had a real choice over the use of the money, I suspect better choices would be made - enforcing planning restrictions, trying to prevent fly-tipping, trying to help the regeneration of Myddleton Road, fixing the footbridge over the North Circular near Wilmer Way (then sending the bill to TfL), etc.  Obviously, some of these points involve Enfield, not Haringey, but my general point still stands:  too much silly messing round repaving things that do not need repaving, presumably to ensure that some rather arbitrary budget is spent, rather than putting the money into a general fund and asking people in a specific area what they would like to see it spent on.

The trees that have been planted around BG station are a positive move.  Maybe next year some planters can be added to the railings and more trees the other side - same side as station!  The area around the station gives a powerful message about the kind of area this is.  I have noticed that the trees in Brownlow Road have been trimmed far more sympathetically this time (by Enfield) - rather than being hacked.  Also foliage at the base of the trees has been removed. Great that both councils are aware of these issues.

Hi Liz, the planters are a good idea we can look into how we might fund some planters next summer. I dont think it is possible to put trees on the other side as there is not enough space on the pavement. 

the planters are stunning and so uplifting. The raised bed border on the corner of Durnsford Road is also very pretty. Huge thanks. I assume the Council is responsible for watering the planters?

And planters have now been positioned around Bounds Green station.  Many thanks.

Maybe we could review how the space on the other side can be used.  I struggle to understand why there is no room for trees but would be happy to explore this with someone.  The first tree that was planted last year just a little way down from the station on BR is wonderful.  I have enjoyed watching it grow.

Hi Liz

Do you mean more trees around Bounds Green tube, not just on BGR? Part of the problem is that the services are quite high up under the pavement which makes it difficult to plant trees other than where they currently are. I hope that answers your question, but let me know if I misunderstood.


I am really pleased to see the pavements by the school! And, looking forward to the next stage when I hope that the tarmac and potholes on the other side of the road, which fill up with water and crap in bad weather, will be replaced. Would also be good to see the concrete barrier at the top of Whittington Road (on left hand side) replaced. Thanks for making this work happen.

couldn't agree more Cathy - the barrier is on our list too and we hope to have it replaced in the coming months.

Now that the pavements have been addressed the next improvement must be cctv/cameras. With this recent stabbingincident surely it has to be a priority now


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