Let's name the footpath that runs at the back of Bowes Park Station!

Let's name the footpath that runs at the back of Bowes Park Station!



I was inspired by this article and thought it would be a good thing for us to do in Bowes Park. It is in both Haringey and Enfield boroughs. Anyone else interested?

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Lenny Way is perfect! He'd be so touched and he is a legend!

How about "Mugger's Alley", or "Back Passage"?

It's true responsibility for the alley (and dog poo collection facilities) is shared by Enfield and Haringey Councils.  The only name I've heard it called other than is 'S**t Alley'.  It would be nice to give it a more positive name - it can be quite scenic with blackberries and clematis (I think) tumbling over the fences, and a stunning display of wisteria on the house at the end of Goring Road.  But the footpath is very rough in places - maybe I'll drop a line to the Councils about that.7


Back to the name - 'Blackberry Way'?



Hi Mary, when I crossed it recently it looked like the Enfield side had been tarmacked and even-ed out, or was it my imagination? I don't walk down it very often. 

But Blackberry way is a lovely suggestion. I was only thinking the other day that the wild flowers and grasses by the railway track were looking good too. 

Hi Lindsey

Ah, in that case that's great, I stand corrected!  Must have been quite recently done then? 

Yes, it can be quite a nature walk along the alley amidst all the surrounding urban-ness (a word?!).

Irresponsible owners path.

I think a lot of people call it dog pooh alley.  Not pleasant but descriptive.  Then again, over the past couple of years it seems to be a place for men to congregate and drink cans of beer, individuals to purchase drugs or chaps to use as a public urinal.

On a lighter brighter note, it does have lots of very interesting snails.  Snail Lane maybe?

Also loving Lennie Way.

Hi Laura

Lynne Featherstone wrote to Haringey recently to complain about the issues you mention. This is the response from a member of Haringey's Neighbourhood Action Team:

"I have visited the location this afternoon and can confirm that the accumulated refuse is on the embankment of the railway station and the embankment is owned by Network Rail. Therefore it is the responsibility of Network Rail to organise the removal of all the accumulated refuse that in on the length of the embankment. Network Rail have been contacted and have been advised to ensure that all the accumulated refuse is removed as soon as possible. Due to the embankment being close to the live rails along the railway track, Network Rail have advised that they will need to put the removal of the accumulated refuse in to a programme of scheduled works, to coincide with other works to be carried out at this station, however they were unable to give a date as to when the works will be carried out, the reference number for this is 3484770. The area officer for the ward carries out regular patrols in the local area and if he notices anyone littering he has the authority to issue on the spot fines for such offences......The issues surrounding the people drinking, urinating and drug dealing along the alleyway these issues  are not part of the Neighbourhood Action Team remit, these issues are dealt with by the local safer neighbourhood police team for the Bounds Green Ward who have the appropriate powers to deal with the drinking, urinating and drug dealing issues along this pathway."

The Safer Neighbourhood Team have been contacted and they have agreed to do extra patrols. So some progress (albeit slow!)

Best wishes


A remarkable discovery was brought to our attention by Sadie via Facebook if you visit Google Maps and type in "Poo Path" ... guess which location is revealed.

How funny!

Blimey, of all the footpaths in all the world, it had to be ours..

I actually don't think it's toooooooo bad.  I did lobby for an extra dog waste bin, but Enfield Council had reached its limit - maybe Haringey residents could ask for more their side?  But of course it's then down to the dog owners to use them.  I once ran a school anti-dogfouling design competition; the winning entry had a plastic glove sellotaped to it, with the priceless verse:

'Don't let your dog

Use the street as a bog.

Find a bin

To put it in.'

Poetry lives!

Another approach, expounded by the late great Ivor Cutler, was to improve the appearance of dog poo by sprinkling hundreds and thousands on it..

I have already taken the liberty of opening my children's novel - Flicker (a work in progress) in that location and named it dog poo alley. Hope no one sues me for copyright !


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