We have learned via the Bowes Councillors website that the current operators of the former Cafe "Funky Lounge" at 111 Green lanes - (near the junction with the North Circular Road) have applied for a premises licence, namely to be open from 8am until midnight daily; supply alcohol 10am until 23:30 daily; and Late Night Refreshment 11pm until midnight daily. 

This application is being considered by the Licensing Authority. Interested parties are also permitted to make representations in writing to the Licensing team. 
The application should be found on the Enfield Council website and is displayed at the premises. 
If you require any further information about this application, please email licensing@enfield.gov.uk.
More information from
Ellie Green
Principal Trading Standards Officer
Environmental Protection & Regulation
London Borough of Enfield


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I would be very concerned if this establishment was given a licence to sell alcohol. It opened as a lovely family run cafe a few years ago - but the original owners have moved on and now it is a dark, exclusive and somewhat threatening place. 

There are a a few unsavoury street drinkers who hang around there - and I have on a couple of occasions seen altercations outside with passers-by.

Often there are groups hanging around in the alley at the back of the shop and In the early evening I have seen several large and expensive cars (Mercedes etc) parking outside - I'd be surprised if these customers were traveling here for the quality of the coffee!

I would make a formal approach to the licensing authority - but the fact that anybody making a comment will have their contact details shared with the applicant is off-putting; I would be concerned about reprisals from this place.

I too would be extremely concerned if this were to happen .
I live about 50 mtrs from the place and have not been happy with the goings on in and around the place.
Please make yourself known if you feel strongly about this........it may be prudent to use e-mail addresses

I believe you can request one of your local councillors object on your behalf, you have to give councillor your contact details, but as they object on your behalf your details are never made public. Please do check with councillor if this is still the case.

With regard to email, you will still need to give your contact details. Licensing will not accept objections (or support) without knowing who you are and where you live.

We have learned this evening of another incident at Funky Lounge.

Police and PCSOs were gathered in the alleyway at the back of the premises at around 8:30pm.

It  would be difficult to understand how the present management of this establishment were considered suitable people to be granted a licence to sell alcohol.

Walked past yesterday and work has begun on transforming Funky Lounge into a 'bar and restaurant'. I can't find the right bit of Enfield's website to see if the licence was granted, but presumably it was?

Looks like it is still pending....

Enfield Licensing

its looks like the same owners are going for a refit to make it kook like a legit business.......... 

 the applicant has been advised to withdraw the application and to consider submitting a new application after several months of trading once the police, local authority and local residents and businesses are confident that the nature of the premises has changed and it is trading as a genuine sandwich bar / coffee shop.
I still remain very concerned

I think my link may have broken, hopefully this one is fixed and you can search by road as well which is quite useful, I don't think Haringey has anything as good, just a list.



I agree with the concerns though, although as I'm in the Haringey bit not sure if I can do much?

My other concerns over this business getting a drinks licence, is that there is already three other premises within 100 yards of one another...........anyone who lives in the locality will be aware of the fact , and of being woken up in the early hours............does the area really need another licensee ??

I wondered about that, with Club Planet across the road. 

I am the Director of Club Planet.

In regards to your second thoughts about my family business i would like to invite you for a coffe at the premises. I preffer people to judge my business by attending and having a view of what happens inside and not to be judging by the other "Social Clubs" sorrounding our pleasent environment.

Any questions are welcome and anyone can express their opinion as long as they do not mix up my business as a coffe and restaurant bar with other Albanian social clubs as we do not opperate as such.

Hi Cemal, great to see you on B&B, welcome!

No disrespect was intended to your business, just the prospect of another late licence place across the road was cause for concern. Thank you for the invitation!


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