Dear Friends and community members,

At a recent Mydletton Road garden Group meeting, it was agreed that we would carry out two new projects in addition to our existing activities to ensure the maintenance of the garden.

The first is an Arts project. We would like to add. New mosaic next to the butterfly. If you are interest in getting involved in this arts project. Please do get in touch.

The second project involves help in the garden. Especially, we need help in trimming the overgrown hedges in the garden. If you can help please do let me know.

In all, we need to raise about £600 to costs. if we do not receive any volunteer support particularly for the hedge trimming and the work will be commissioned to a contractor.

The arts project costs are £200. If a anyone is interested in sponsoring a piece of the mosaic, all donations will be gratefully received.

All comments and suggestions gratefully received.


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I am a professional gardener in Stanley Road and could spare some free time to help. Or maybe for a small fee. I run a gardening club at a primary school. Have you thought about  a sensory garden and attracting more wildlife




Hi Dane,


We would welcome all support, and particularly from professional gardeners.    Dane if would you like to support with the pruning of the hedges in Myddleton Road Gardens, we would gladly accept your help.  You wanted payment, then please could you recommend how much you would need paying for your help.

My number is 07764 951 807 if you would like to talk further.  As a rule, volunteers meet the first Saturday of each month between 11am - 1pm to work on the community garden. 

hi i would like to help with both projects I have some time on my hands, I also can supply some tile cutters (small) for the mosaic.

Please let me know if you need me to come along. My phone number is 07957548461 or email to this address

Thanks Heather Hudson 

Hi Heather,


We would be delighted to have your help.  The person who will be leading the Mosiac project is Miranda and I can hook you and her up together.  I will pass your contact details to Miranda and she will get in touch with you.

Thankyou very much ill look forward to hearing from her .

Hi Asha

We're running a book swap at The Step to raise money for local initiatives and we're starting with the Myddleton Road Community Gardens. Hopefully we'll raise enough to make a decent bit of cash for you because there's some cracking titles up for grabs - crime thrillers, cult classics, love stories, tragedies, Richard & Judy Book Club winners* and some cracking trilogy's which will keep you busy for weeks!

Rules are simple - if you swap a book we ask you to contribute £1 but if you just want to buy a book they cost two pounds. Hopefully it will catch on and take on a life all of its own!

Best wishes

Nell and Mat

Hello Nell and Matt,




I will pass this good news to the wider group members and will surely support the book swap idea. 


I will drop by and say personal thanks when I am next in the Step.


I did offer some time that I could cut hedges but never got any response back. Dont know if you still want any help


Hi Dane,

We still need to trim the hedges. We would be delighted to have your help. Thank you. My number is 07764 951 807. Perhaps we can talk on the phone further.

Great idea! I need something new to read. 

I love this idea! I really need to pop down soon I haven't been to The Step in ages! Happy New Year everyone! Kx

Fab idea Nell and Matt - have I missed it? 


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