I have just come back from the market and I want to say a really big THANK YOU to the organisers, especially Lucy who I believe was the moving force behind it. Thank you Lucy, and everyone, for sticking with it. The stalls were great, including one selling the best chocolate brownies ever. But for me the best thing was bumping into so many people I knew. This is what community is all about, isn't it? There was a lovely friendly atmosphere. Let's hope it's the start of a true revival of Myddleton Road - the community is crying out for it!
Diana, Queens Road

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I second this. What a fantastic event! And great to see some traders selling out of stock (cake!) within 2 hours, citing their experience on other beginner markets as the reason for caution but hoping that they'll be invited back. And, I agree, bumping into people I've met at Salsa and Pilates classes on Myddleton Road, that I wouldn't normally see elsewhere, was so lovely. It was wonderful to see so many people milling about, and not just passing through. 

This afternoon, as I was coming home, a young boy on his bike on Lascotts Road shouted across to me, "where's this festival then?" When I confirmed he meant the market I directed him - and was so pleased that word had got out about the festival atmosphere. The position by the garden and the gym was perfect. Thanks so much, Lucy and Kari and everyone involved. 

I echo Diana, Lindsey and Tom's enthusiasm  - what a terrific start for the market! Looking forward to the next one. Well done Lucy, Kari and thanks also to all the volunteer Leafletters, Stewards and helpers. It was great to see Myddleton Road full of shoppers in such a friendly atmosphere. As well as taking a keen interest in the market stalls there were lots of people stopping to chat to each other - meeting neighbours, or having a drink and sharing food with friends in the Community Garden.

More Please!

Here are a few photographs:
Find more photos like this on Bowes and Bounds Connected

Great pics Richard! 

I was one of the stall holders -DeniseBakesCakes-.  As I wasn't too sure of what the turn out would be I didn't bake too much.  Well the turnout was huge and I sold out in around 2.5 hours!! Little London Bakery also sold out very quickly.  It was a lovely market, well organised thanks to Lucy and all the other organisers.  Hope that it will be a regular event.  For those that missed it, here is a pic of one of my cakes that sold very quickly, chocolate and baileys


Looking forward to trying your cakes next time, Denise! 

Should also mention that I overheard Dee on the BPCA stall doing a wonderful job of selling membership of both the association and this website to locals who'd never heard of us - it's fab to remember that the market idea originated on here, and was enthusiastically supported - then with support from BPCA, turned into a real thing. 

Thanks for the lovely comments!

Just want to say massive thanks to everyone who turned out or lent a hand or traded or played... We are really happy with how the first market went. Really nice to see so many people enjoying it!

If anyone is interested in applying for a stall for 29th Sept they can do so by filling in the online application here:


We are aiming to add to the mix fresh fruit and veg, cheese, more food etc. Will keep you posted.

Richard - I'll email you re getting some of those pics on our website if you don't mind. Cheers all!


Hello!  For cheese, you may have come across them but there's Wilde Cheese based in Tottenham run by Philip Wilton - an urban cheesemaker, and his cheese is delicious.  http://wildescheese.co.uk/?page_id=37 - the market was great! Leigh

Have applied using your form. Love to do event. Cheers JJ @popup_cafe

Oh I also meant to add that the market would not have happened had I not posted about it way back in December 2011 on this very website. Its a brilliant forum for us to have!


it's very kind of you to credit this forum ... but the market wouldn't have happened if you had just posted about it... and done nothing else....

Congratulations on such a resounding success on Sunday - which I know was delivered by an enormous amount of hard work over many months from you, Kari and a team of helpers.

The comments here, as well as on the Myddleton Rd Market Facebook page and our own Facebook Page (where shoppers are comparing purchases!) are overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The market had a lovely atmosphere and lifted the spirits!

Well Done!

PS: Please feel free to use any images from this site - or from our Flickr set on your website or elsewhere.

Thank You!

I completely agree that it would not have happened without Lucy, and Kari, working so hard and keeping at it for 18 months.  And B and B also very important.  But please can we also give credit to the Myddleton Road Strategy Group, which is council and community, whose members agreed a grant from some regeneration money still in the pot.  Some council officers took some persuading and regulations took some working with - but it probably wouldn't have happened without that crucial grant towards the first 2 markets.  Do write to your councillors, and to the Leader of the Council and say what you felt about the market and how you would like it to continue.

And thank them for Haringey Council's support for Myddleton Road and encourage more!


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