My daughter (aged 14) and I have used the salon several times between us since the summer and have always been pleased. However last Saturday I was really shocked when my daughter told me that she found herself 10p short on the cost of a treatment and came home in the rain stating that she had to immediately return with it, which she did... Of course we expect to pay the price of the service and she did not intentionally go with less, however the response of the business seemed mean spirited (she could have said 'next time you are passing drop it in', or 'never mind, next time'0. My daughter immediately returned in the rain to Naina's with the 10p but the episode has left us feeling we should we take our custom elsewhere.

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Customer service there is terrible! I'd given it a few chances (never being impressed but hoping that a couple of poor experiences were just teething troubles or anomalies) but vowed never to return after popping in for eyebrow threading and being invited to wait on a stool. After at least 15 minutes of waiting, I asked how much longer and was told another 15 minutes!

I was really annoyed and told her that she needs to let customers know if they are to be kept waiting for half a hour! Sure, I appreciate that I might not be seen immediately and that she's working alone... It's an arrogant waste of customers' time not to just give a courteous estimate of waiting time if it won't be within five minutes. (Particularly for something like eyebrow-threading which only takes a few minutes!). I walk over to Luxury in BG for anything I need doing now.

Hi Linda...bit late now but if she's ever 10pence short again just pop over the road and we'll "lend" it to her. That is absolutely crackers.

That's a real shame. I've had a very good experience with the recently opened Beauty Atelier a little further up towards Bowes station. Friendly and much attention to detail.

I second Lucia's comment - and Mat's!

Paulina at the new Beauty Atelier at number 98 is professional and warm and she's done the shop up beautifully.

I agree and recommend Paulina whole heartedly - her salon is just what is needed in the up and coming Myddleton Road!

I have also had bad experiences here. The young girl who works there has been quite rude to me too many times. I tried the new one that opened just up the road, Beauty Atelier, and Paulina was very sweet and attentive. I only had my eyebrows done but it was a lovely little place I wholeheartedly recommend her.  


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