A new artwork by graffiti artist Banksy appeared overnight on May 13/14 2012.
It is on the wall of the PoundLand shop on the corner of Wood Green High Road and Whymark Avenue at the Turnpike Lane end of the High Road.
The artwork depicts a young boy - Asian in appearance - barefoot and hunched over a sewing machine. A small pipe on the wall is used to attach a string of cheap plastic Union Flag bunting.

Photo by Luke Giles

The Bunting was earlier fixed along the wall - but has become detached.

Looks like a comment on the upcoming Jubilee celebrations, maybe a reference to the London 2012 Olympics. Its siting on the wall of Poundland in Wood Green High Street may have a resonance with the street disturbances and looting of last summer?

What do you think of the work?

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 I am a big fan of Banksy and so are my kids.  I think we are lucky to have this in WG and hope it will be protected. It's really clever, hard-hitting and poignant.



It's an excellent one! 

Also, it's going down terrifically well on our Facebook page! 


And I wrestled it into a post on londonist, linking up here, so I hope we get lots of new hits today! 

Thanks for spotting and being so prompt posting, Richard!


This is brilliant - and very smart placement- The Poundland chain were criticised a couple of years ago  for purchasing stock from a supplier who used child labour in a sweat shop in India. That and the Jubilee flags make it a very site-specific and time-specific artistic commentary.

There has been some online debate about it's authenticity - but on his own website Banksy claims it as a genuine original.

Well done for getting your photo on the Telegraph web site, er, Richard?



Ha Ha

Well spotted sir! A terse exchange on e-mail has resulted in the correct attribution - and financial recompense for the photographer.

Stencil and mixed media Banksy's are unusual I think.  I like it a lot.  I spoke with a photographer who said the bunting had gone but he'd got a new one in Poundland, bet they'll  have a run on those now.  I wonder if Mr Banksy will reimburse the kind man? lol    

I have just realised that the Banksy artwork has been placed on the route of the Olympic torch relay (see Map of Haringey section)

The relay will be passing this point on the afternoon / evening of July 25th.

Like it that people care and look after public artworks.  Heard today the building owner protected it with a sheet of plexiglass.  

Well that didn't last long!

Overnight the section of the Poundland shop wall containing the Banksy artwork - was chopped out of the building. This morning workmen were finishing rebuilding and rendering the gap  - local information has it that the building owner has removed the artwork "to keep it safe".

It's a shame it has gone - with the "Envision Peace" artwork by acclaimed US graphic designer and illustrator  Frank Shepard Fairey around the corner in Turnpike Lane  - We were building reputation for street art locally


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